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I'm a twenty-seven year old short chick who lives just outside of Vancouver, Canada. :)
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That page is adorable! I love Baskervilles in the corner. SO cute! Man, I can't wait for more <3
Can't wait to read more! And especially excited to see you guys at Sakura Con! ;)

Also - I love the Doc so far. She's bad ass. ;)
I'm definitely curious to see where things are going. Good start. Your art is awesome, as always. :)
Nice looking title page. :D
Bwahahaha, this is just like me and my brother! xD
I'm really liking the art on tis page! <3 Once again, I'm seriously jealous of how good you are at those side views! :O
Aw, they really are such adorable characters! And for some reason I really love that last panel! <3
Wow! Huge jump in the art again! <3 You've definitely improved more and more with each page <3
Very nice! :D The soft hints of colour are really nice! <3
This is so pretty! :) I love the eye style sooo much <3 The little splash of colour is awesome :D
Wow, awesome job on those side views! They are absolutely killer for me D=
Oooh, I like the eyes! Actually, I think he's really cute. 8D Man, I so want to draw him now.. XD
Oooh! New character, eh? This should be interesting. <3
Oooh, very cool! I likes it very much :)
This page is adorable! :D I definitely am seeing improvement as I read this, it's awesome :)
Way to go! Congrats! <3 Love the art for this, too! She's so adorable :D
Looking very good so far! She sure is cute! And a sweetie to her mom by the looks of it! <3 :)
I LOVE that uniform! It's so freaking cute :D
I love when people sleep talk, it's so funny 8D She's so cute <3
Ahh, I love evilly cute ones <3