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Hi there, I am Seabiscuit!
I enjoy comics, video games, and long walks on the beach.

Actually scratch that beach crap.

(Thanks Vince for the avatar!)
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Hey folks- No update next Monday! Off on a grandma road trip.:D
For the best for everyone involved, probably. :(
(Also, Rango is amaze!)
So I couldn't update last Friday- But I forgot to announce such on all my mirrors. Woooops! D':
Gosh, I hope not.D:
Hey folks, no update Monday- My monthly migration! :D
Woops... Guess who forgot to update the mirrors again. Sorry 'bout that! D:
HAHA guess who forgot to upload to SJ and DD. D:
No update nextttt Monday, 'cause Christmas stuff. Happy holidays, folks! :D
Looks like I forgot to put up the last page here for some reason. Woops! Corrected D:
Hope you muricans had a good Thanksgiving!

There won't be an update Monday- My family is meeting up for my grandmothers 97th birthday! :D
@Lottos35: It certainly does look quite old school, huh?:D
Heh, yes indeed! Glad it's more convenient! :D
Woops, I'm bad at this "update all mirrors on time" thing... D:
@Lottos35: Yup- They've certainly stumbled on something strange.:D
@Diamondman: Hahaha. I wonder.;D
Woops, forgot to put this up on the 'ol mirrors again.D:

Ah, don't worry, we won't be away from 'that previous place' for very long at all...
And we're back! I wonder what this is that she picked up...
(I realize now I made a sad mistake in the colors of this object and her phone- It is *not* her phone she has there, but rather the thing that hits the back wall in the second panel.)
A new day, a new month, a new ch- Wait, what?

Eyyy, a new character.

Alas, there won't be an update Monday-
It's my monthly Grandmas trip. Yup! This one really snuck up on me and wasn't planned... Woops! Sorry 'bout that!
HAH! Oh gosh. I do enjoy all the shipping.;)
Aw, thank you very much, I'm happy to hear it! That's very sweet~ <3