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Dood. This page is total awesomeness. I wonder if Atty will have special nicknames for all of his pokemon. That would be hilarious xD
NOOO She cannot have a go! D:< Kea realize he cares about you already D;
This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL comic. Your art is exquisite and I could just stare at it for hours with finding minimum to no flaws. Keep up the good work x]!
Jack looks so different in that last panel xD

Awesome page, poor moped D:
Even though I haven't watched Pokemon in forever, I most definitely will be loving this comic. The art is just so beautiful x]
Aww this is so cute! I love this comic already, please update as soon as possible <3
LOL. Andy that was so freakin pimp. This page is absolutely awesome. And I'm hoping for what StrawberryPocky said. That would be the best <33
Awww I really like the last panel. It's so cute~!
I think the first bubble should be "I hate myself.." But otherwise this is an AMAZING page! THEY NEED TO CONFESS TO EACH OTHER ALREADY D:
Gahhh He's so freaking adorable <3
April 20th, 2009
Ahh... this page didn't make very much sense to me. D:
Waaah Zephan don't be hurt D: You have to stay alive to fullfill my MaixZephan shipping dreams <3

When I checked DA yesterday and saw that banner in my favs I was like "WTF WHEN DID I FAV A YAOI?!"

Nice Hiruda. You got me.

But this page was awesome. Especially to my little RxJ shipping self <3
Those are some small burgers. I think I'll need about 20 of those to fill me up xP

<3 Mega awesome page. Jack's the coolest villian everrr.
Every time I see a new page of RPS, it brightens my day. And to see so many updates is just awesomeeee. I love all these updates. Anyway.

That's a very sexy cell phone she has there. But what service does she have? If it's AT&T poor girl won't get signal anywhere~! xD
Charon and Melia! <3333333
1. Yes~!
2. It's lovely :]
3. Ahh.. Personally I think it's a little slow xD
4. Your sense of humor is just perfect~!
5. Yes! A lot better!