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Del Spaig
Dadoom! Behold the daring and deadly enemy of the drearily dense denizens and the drastically dimwitted dullards of this deadeningly dreary day, who dull in comparison to this delightfully declamatory defender of decidedly dependible truths. Dedicatedly and doggedly deviating from decades-old dogma, no dead-set die-hard dolt may disturb the diligent determination of this desperately dire dependent of diversity- and you may call him Del.

Yes, it's trite. But I like it!

Feel free to send me an IM if you want. Random interesting people add spice to existance. And as we all know, the spice must flow.
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    Del Spaig
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oh lawd shes sparklin
Jeez, I get distracted for a month and SHIT GOES DOWN :o
ah, the refreshing clarity of an uninvolved party who also doesn't give a f*ck
online multiplayer can be pretty nasty but I'm not sure I'd call it a scum pit c:
don't feel bad for hanging with your friends, it keeps you sane (ish) :)

just remember i'm already tracer
It's cool, we'll wait :)
Gotta draw 'em all!


he's a DUCK
@HyperTurtle32: h0ly is British
A bit odd, but they did ask nicely :D

(don't let the crazy man feed them to an alligator D:)
Wouldn't put money on that, myself. He's clearly some type of aardvark.
And now the polite is just creepy. :P
Well at least he's being polite about it.
"not nice" is stealing random body parts and swearing at the mortician when he comes to pick it up. Go team!
For some reason, "just a leetle battle" made me think of "just a wafer-thin mint". And now I want to watch Monty Python. Well played.
I do love this comic. It's fun!
Yay! An update!
Welcome back!
I don't think you need to worry about going crazy, madam. From the various tales you spin, it's quite evident you've been living there for a while now. It's the best place to live, I'd say.