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I'm about as motivated as a rock :D

I also happen to live under one.

Man, rocks are awesome.

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This comic is gorgeous so far ;3; I love it! Can't wait for more
It Begins
This page is quite old by now, the newer art style and character design's differ quite a bit! Thanks for viewing :D I hope this story will mean something to someone out there!
This is looking awesome so far xD epic character designs dude!!
July 7th, 2011
Awesome Comic
is awesome
Zees looks interesting, me faves xD
yay update :D

butterfly messenger is awesome xD
Looks like tis gonna keep getting epic!!!

And Derek has an awesome house._.

....awesome comic is awesome...

on that note have a Merry Christmas XD
Aww no more bald guys D:

And lol I was about to say that I've read that attack in some other manga type thing before. So that means you're thinking like a pro already lol :p
September 30th, 2010
Ah these bald guys are gonna crack me up forever I think. If I randomly burst out in laughter during class on Monday, I blame you.

And keep up the awesome work :D
September 11th, 2010
The bald dudes are so lol

Can't wait for more X3
August 18th, 2010
I lol'd

I think this is my favourite comic on smackjeeves right now XD

Your art and character designs are awesome D:
This comic is so amusing so far XD and the art style is so cute X3
You are so good! Your style and the hair and the toning and the evyerthing DX teach me ur ways!!! im so faving this!
I geddit!
Oh that took a while, I msut say u got that shower part pretty good for it being a comic and all,at first im like WTF? did she stuff him donw the shower or something but now i get
i think she lookes really pretty on the left there where shes sighing....for some random reason....
lol, "keeping track of the one you love" (sorry that amuses me)
I like ur art and lol so im probably not the only one who talks to themself and their imaginary friends in the mall!
LOL ed Cullen(why the heck does that amuse me?!)
Nice style, its so fluid, and realistic