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I don't really do anything productive here, so don't expect anything big from me. I am an author for 2 comics, but that's just because they're my friends and I help with ideas for stuff in them. (and I wanted credit for that)
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spelling check
What's wrong with your old one?
Sorry, my mouse has been malfunctioning lately
Do I get a cookie if I guess right?
Calm down flare!
>Start to threaten the door to open
Have fun!
Ok, have fun!
Not bad... also felt is spelled wrong
I'm not sure how long a bit is knowing Direwolf it could range from 1 day to 1 month.
Try using rectangles and lines for speech balloons don't just draw them, trust me it works better! Also maybe is spelled wrong.
Yay for cookies!
Wow it's not a filler good job!
When I made this I realized I was pretty much criticizing my self but know the damage is done so yeah...
So your making fillers and the actual comic at the same time?
Why did you just update to 2 fillers in 1 day?
I'm not sure what to think of this but your right this is bad did you just randomly recolor protoman or what?
Well actually there is no blank space due to the words stating there is no blank space so actually if not sadly your right.
Not bad, kinda creepy that it updated on my birthday talk about coincidence.