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pretty much here just to read comics (terrible at comics, meh at drawing)
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Ok. I know. I put on Tails' muzzle on purpose.
WHAT?! NO! I... I didn't do anything to your house! <.< >.>Why are you looking at me like that?! DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!
I can relate. I'm an author on a comic and we havent updated since March.
Once again...
There's only two left on each team! The comic is ending soon! :-( (Prove me wrong!)

Also: Oh snap, Sonic!
Either Bob and George (volcano kid) or Phoenix Wright reference (Hold It!)
I just realized. The comic will be ending soon.
You win a prize. I was trying to make him a cross between Tails and Cream.
@ anna
it's krystal. from starfox. look at the comment.
One word/bear/pac-man/beer/pig:
There's a thing called flaming. Don't do it.
no. Rails. Unless i misunderstood. I'm not sure if i'm understanding myself right now. what are you saying?
@Lugbzurg I know. I meant Was my work that recognizable (It's still not really my work, but...)
no. Everyone was a Newb. which is different. n00bs are the worst thing known to man and dolphin.
am i that recognizable?
I was sort of going for that.
He already did.