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Hello, Hello.

I am NovaBee, Nova or NB is fine. My "in real life" name is for in real life, so there's no need for it here.
Current residence: Unknown

I like Sweets, Cute things and sleeping. I like to draw sometimes but most of the time its a habit I do without realizing.
I hate cold water, bitter things and I'm really not fond of Yaoi (>_<;;)

I also looooove video games! I'm really into Ace Attorney and the Trauma series lately, I'm also playing professor Layton! ('v')

I don't like people assuming I'll be an artist of a comic artist for a career. So to spite them, or kinda rebel, I decided to be a director. (*A*) I'll do my best!

If you want to contact me, you can PM me, or use one of these:

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It takes a great deal of talent to make me fav a comic after the first page, excellent job!
I even forgot this comic existed. It was buried so far away in my favorites...
nice to see you updating again
Since I'm updating
I might as well update this one, too.

Though I can only upload what I already have scanned because I lost the cord for my scanner!!!

On another note, SO DRAMATIC!!
oh no!!
Bide is what took my Alice from me!!! I know exactly what you mean, because you think "Oh I think I just need to hit them one more time!" and then they unleash their energy!! ;-;

I'm loving your comic so far, very cute and the pace is quick but give you enough to make it not seem rushed :---)
Hey guyssss
Happy Unison is never far from my mind. I know I haven't been updating, but I have been busy with things.

Okay I've been playing neopets the majority of my absence...

But I've also been working on H.U. related things, such as resizing and touching up volumes 1 & 2 for publishing. As I've said, I'm trying out a new publisher, and I'm needing to resize the pages for a new format. But I'll be letting you guys order some copies as soon as I can!

I'm also working on another project, a pretty big one! But for now, it's a s-e-c-r-e-t<3 Hopefully it will be finished soon!

I didn't want you guys to give up on Happy Unison. Because next volume is going to be preeeeettttyy epic! I had a few of the important pages sketched so hopefuly after the editing of volumes 1 & 2, I'll be able to work on new pages!
Awe, now that the competition is over I think of a name

But the winners are really really good!
Fem-assistant is a lefty? :-----> *happy*
For all you guys who play Sims 3,
Abby and Toto's house, dowloadable for the Sims 3!!

The screenshotsand the actual house that you download isn't exactly the same. I ended up having to re-make the house >_< But this new one is slightly better!! So enjoy!!

It costs 39,017 sim munnys! XD

Also, although this is a house, I did mention that Abby and Toto live in an apartment.
I beautiful colouring by NostalgicHummingBird. ;-; i was so happy to get this, and so soon after posting the lines!! DX Its such an amazing jo, I really really love the colours used, and the shading is super niceeee XD

It took me a while to post this, but its up now for you to enjoy

I think I will make a fanart page. I loooove!! LOVE getting fanart!! seeing everyone's different styles when drawing my characters is so interesting!!! and it's so flattering that you people care enough to draw something for me! I love drawing comics for you guys, and I don't expect anything back, besides your enjoyment, of course. But when I get fanart, it makes me so happpyyyy
Oh, you~

My bestest best friend sent this one XD

Id like to make a webcomic like this. crazy adventures. Maybe HU should be more like this?
I love doctor who BTW XD
I was really happy getting this one.
I love pokemon. I think that gen !! and V are my favorites! but actually, I only ever finished Black version ;-;
As a kid, my sister deleted my file in Crystal when I was battling the elite 4.

I have to say, I love pokemon soooo much! I have a couple nuzlocke comics on SJ, too.

I ended up using gen V pokemon for Abby and Toto. Because for Toto, a dog-pokemon, nd I thought of lillipup. I figured, if we're going to common wild pokemon, patrat would be good for Abby.

I doodled a bit for Sophie and MDG, Sophie would have purloin and MDG would have pidove~
That's oresama teacher! onyour shelf :----O
Fixed the ponies. DAMN ANATOMY
Someone should colour this.
Even though the lines aren't that clean. '_';;;;

This was a pretty hard one, actually ;-; surprisingly. Because shipping a little without making it romance? Thats like just drawing them together normally! I mean, these two are super close, right? I wanted it to a little sweet and have a romantic-like atmosphere, not something that would happen in the comic, so something non-cannon. So I decided on a fantasy-like fairy tale scene. Also, because I like princess' XDDDD ???

But you know, this is probably Toto saying "Abby, lets order a second serving of ginger beef."
And Abby is all like "This is so sudden! I'm placing the order right now!!"
She could be holding like, a phone in her right hand, just hidden behind that bow. LOL

I didn't forget the rest, I have them sketched, so I'll post them right away! (-ish)
Well, Princess Celestia's "fur" colour is actually a very light pink. The figure is just way too dark. and the wings aren't right >:---\
Also, I'm going on vacation for a couple days
I got a lot of school work to do, but I'll try and take time for comics.

Also, in my comments about MDG's name, 鲤 is is surname. LOL

Well, time to go!! have a good weekend!
Another down...
and I still have like, 3 more XDD

Here is your request, dear. Abby, Toto and Sophie as children. You mentioned puppy toto, so I put a kitten and puppy of Toto and Sophie there, too.

I have some updates for yougues, and I like posting news with cute pictures so I'll do that in a bit. :---)

That's just what his name MEANS. you don't actually translate peoples names to their meaning. It pronouced Li :---)
You mean... MR. DELIVERY PONY?

His name is 鲤
Oh, Cavus. This is just so you XDDD
But I was happy

I even made another mlp art today too, so I was kin of in the mood. Geez, ponies are hard to draw!!!!

I know you just said Abby and toto, but I kind of went all out with this and included Sophie and MDG. designing them was fun! Pegasus pony suited mdg perfectly. Abby makes a really cute earth pony XD Sophie was going to be an earth pony, too, but seemed to plain, and since her and Toto are kind of the "animals" of the comic, I made them match.
Only toto doesnt get a cutie mark. But I seriously couldnt think of one! mdg was the most interesting, but his colour palette is kind of lame...

I already drew a decent girl pony today, so I had a grasp of how to draw a girl pony, but this was my first attempt at male ponies. I have to say, its not bad :---D

This one was really fun, though, and I was glad to get it as a request XD
I love cross-ove art, lol!