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November 20th, 2012
I just found this comic today and I became an instant fan! Im so happy that you were able to update this early! It sucked when there was no more next button after I read this through xD
Well shucks
Even though you arent continuing this story Im glad to hear you are staring another one up! I love your story and art style :) GOOD LUCK
I couldnt help but notice the rings on the wedding ring finger o.o And I had so many mixed emotions when I saw that xD
Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap o.o
Zelda and Mario references...Bless your soul! <3
I have had Tofurkey! :D It was actually decent! XD
October 21st, 2011
I think Myna's parents are my favorite so far XD
@*Ryn* I totally agree. Anybody who saw Shuno would be like "I WANNA HIT THAT" cant blame the girl for having good tastes
Theres just one saying to describe this- Dawwww <3
I like on this page how both of the brother's lips are turned up on the left side lol
Well my opinion is that if you are using your own style, not trying to force yourself into one, then your style is HOW you express your creativity. For instance if you use vivid colors and long strokes with paintings and you enjoy that then thats your style so it will make your creativity come out in full bloom. However forcing yourself to different styles is the exact opposite. (Thats my take on it anyways, I am not really into art so dont put a lot behind it)
Other than the fact that she looks like she has 6 fingers I think she looks good :)
Awesome skills!
I love the faces in the first and last panel! :D Keep up the sweet work!
Wish fulfilled
I just caught up with the comic and I thought to myself after I read the previous page, "Wow I wish I could see just one more page". Then up comes this update lol. Are you a fairy godmother Deda?
Pure Awesome
I have to say that this comic is probably the best in it's league. Been awhile since I've actually enjoyed re reading a comic. Keep up the great work! :D
You have proffesor layton and diabolical box?! That game is the best! My boyfriend and me always pretend we're layton and luke and make their accents! I <3 making tea
well i think you should take the mature rating down it doesn't seem bad. But i have only been on smackjeeves for a little while
I actually thought that Ursule was going to be attracted to Prince Ariel and that he was kicked out for trying to "do stuff" with him. I was WAY off!!
I love the chibi!! Great job on making this page! hope an udpate is coming soon