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Dang, this is good. I'm looking forward to more.
Lurk no more
I like this comic. It's really entertaining and I like the idea of making side characters main characters.
This event is awesome. Very entertaining.
Ooh, a game!
I really like the idea, but I think I was too late. I get a deadend for the clue.
This is good. The plot is so nice and original.
That is so silly. It took me a while, but I laughed out loud a lot.
I like this comic. It's so silly.
Awesome! I like this so far.

The one guy reminds me of Leno. Cool!
I finally caught up. I haven't read this is a year. It's still awesome.

Dragonthing is great.
That's so silly! XD
I love this comic. It's hilarious.
This is awesome. I love the OS-tan.
June 8th, 2009
This is good, so far. I like Mina.
This is good so far.
I love this comic, so far.

Silly parody! XD I like Death Note too, so yeah.
Poor dragon thing! I like how you spoofed the game's layout.
Nice BGs
This is a nice page. I like the BGs with the dunes and arches and all and that bird Digimon looks related to Garurumon. I hope our hero'll be alright.