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phwee!!!! so awesome!!!
^3^ update?.....
we got about 8inches all day yesterday here in Independence,Missouri. Then this morning, the sun is shining so brightly it hurts my EYES!!!!!!
Where are you?
oh man!!! i really wish you could keep your hair too.....
I personally cant get my hair any longer than my shoulders or it breaks off....
my hair is very weak.....TT3TT
i wonder how much more amazing that kiss feels now that he has ecstasy in his system :)
dammit........right at the good part too.....update soon plz!!!!!
I'm soooo sorry for not getting it in until just now but, my router was freaking out so I had no internet all weekend TT3TT

::EDIT:: oh wait....nevermind....
turns out she sent the email only 7hours ago.... LOL so I guess I got it done F~A~S~T ;)
2 years hon'.....2 years......TT3TT
hey! you write your F's like i do!!! cool!
although, i only do it if its the first letter of the word
sigh.....we got another flamer here......
been two years without an update Kizzy TT3TT.......
just $3......who do you think i am????????
Larxt is the therapist that Clover takes Monday to talk to during his drug rehabilitation
Reread from the beginning, you'll see him
ok....this brings up a question....
whats the difference between sucking off and a blow job? i thought both were the same thing?
¿Sabe usted cuando la versión inglesa estará disponible?
Theo is seme :3 is so hilarious!!!!
and clover looks absolutely miserable in the last panel!!
you're good with emotions samson :3
Yes, Nuu is correct. All pulling on the handbrake does is slow it down.
BUT! If you have the right kind of car, you can drift and cut the corners by doing that. I know I can. I have a 6speed manual Corvette and it drifts so smoothly and cuts corners F~A~S~T!!!!
On another note, never, EVER try to jump your vehicle unless youre willing to pay up the 50,000 (or whatever it was) to replace the vehicle if you make a SINGLE TINY MISTAKE!
Did that once......oh poor credit report.....
Although I'll tell you, I can do it now just fine XD
to Kawaiicraze::
you can get Death Note from the library. My library has the whole series.
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my Cause

its the pokémon theme.....
I use firefox all the time and i never have that kind of problem
But, what i would suggest that you do is uninstall and then reinstall directly from the website. If that doesnt work, ask Customer Service

Or you could use IE or Safari? i use all three of those -_-;