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no hoby, no
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He knows his partner very well. (Him and all his dirty antics).
November 13th, 2011
oh my dog

o___o weirdest conversation ever
November 13th, 2011
Woah, he's been controlled by women in every part of his life. XD
I am going to fave it, because it is incredibly cute.
That black-haired man is so nice and gentle!
This is an exact portrait of how people from prestigious schools act when they a) just ended finals b) are drunk c) can't stand pressure anymore.
@IX-13: Me too.

I love this girl's shirt. It shows support for the pimp unicorns in every way. And is Sandra's last name "Armstrong" by any chance? xD
@Glueckskeks: Well, that's the funny part of it XD
September 11th, 2011
T___T I miss your updates!
He's sending wrong messages ALL THE TIME.
Lololol. As some have said before myself, he deserved it. (I hope he doesn't ask for masochistic sex later).
He almost pleaded for it.
He should wear the one with the face on. .__.
...and your desperation.

He sure knows how to treat men. Really.
Oh, no. I'm not really *that* confused, lol. I'm intrigued. I don't know what to expect and that's wonderful! :) I love your art too, specially the colouring. It is so soft... so tender. I don't know a lot about comics, pannel acommodation and all that stuff, but I like the horizontal format a lot ;)
I love your comic to pieces. This is one of my favourites at SJ. I hope you keep going with the story I like where this is going XD and I would like to see where this is going to end.
omg no. Demons are mean u__u
This comic is amazing. I barely know what's happening and I already love it.
I love the colours. I know you won't be colouring this anymore, but I reaaaally like the textures and your art-style. :)