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no hoby, no
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I haven't read your webcomic in a long time, and now that i've found it again, i'm loving it more than ever. I really like the expressions and the body postures.

That, my friends, is the erotic power of the vampire's "kiss" :P
That's one reason she didn't liked that you got into fights, Joa.
I like it very much. I love how you take time to develop character's personalities. I was just thinking that if Joa was a character from Vampire: The Masquerade he would be a Brujah. Yes.
He knows his partner very well. (Him and all his dirty antics).
Sad but true.

Merry christmas! :D
@Nox Crow: Ahahaha I can imagine his rant "Kids nowadays... *deep sigh*"
November 13th, 2011
oh my dog

o___o weirdest conversation ever
@YaoiGirl09: Woah, that would be cheesy stuff XD
November 13th, 2011
Woah, he's been controlled by women in every part of his life. XD
I am going to fave it, because it is incredibly cute.
I really love your character design and their personalities. I really come back and back again to SJ to see if you updated already lol! I have a question, do you have a update schedule or something like that? I don't ask for updates: whatever the rhytm, I wait patiently (I consider the artists have a life outside this, which most of you do as a hobby...) but I'm curious about that XD
So... he likes redheads, huh...
That black-haired man is so nice and gentle!
A hard decision to make .____.
This is an exact portrait of how people from prestigious schools act when they a) just ended finals b) are drunk c) can't stand pressure anymore.
@IX-13: Me too.

I love this girl's shirt. It shows support for the pimp unicorns in every way. And is Sandra's last name "Armstrong" by any chance? xD
I'm just excited.
@Glueckskeks: Well, that's the funny part of it XD