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I haven't read this in so long! Your art is still as gorgeous as ever. I can't wait to binge read the archive this weekend!
YES!! Here comes Mama Puff to save the day!
Dust in my eye.
YES!! I've been away from this comic for ages! Glad to see you're still at it, Peteranckorn!
I think Rex is working his way to my favourite.
Two's company. Three's a crowd. And four's a cluster.
They've all been SNATCHED! :O
It's only a sugar-sweet ending until you realize that Platypus is going home with Cool Girl Magazine! The infection will take hold in him, then spread in his community. Soon it will be platypi dueling to the death over the conflicting emotions inside their once pure hearts.

so sad!
This is so sweet! Team LawreBeth!
@ guest: I was thinking that, too.
I am so happy for Feetsie! I have tears of joy.
Awww. u.u

I think this poor one is my second favourite now.
January 7th, 2012
Audrey II. We meet again.

Everything about your comic is beautiful and bright! So much thought and care. I appreciate and love all of your shapes, words and colours. It's so wonderful that you posted this to share. Thank you.
I would totally play Street Fighter Alpha X-2: The 64 Labors of Chun Li.

Also: Awww! Megan called Luff Bindy's boyfriend. That's so sweet. And it calmed the BindyBeast.
OMB! It's M.A.S.H.!
Mansion Apartment Spacestation Housing-project!