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I am the Butt Imp, and I make dick jokes for a living.

My favourite genres of any form of entertainment are comedy, fantasy and horror. I love The Elder Scrolls games, Futurama, Steven Universe, and Supernatural. I have trouble picking a favourite anything, because I like a lot of things equally for different reasons.

Except beverages. My favourite beverage is coffee. I'd mainline it, if I could.
I've said it a few times before, but it's hard being self-employed when your boss is an asshat.

I need another coffee.
<img src=" f?itemid=3560203">

Odie is full of sass.

HEY GUESS WHAT comics and illustration are now officially my full-time job. Go here to buy a commission from me.
Hello again! I am return from the land of the dead!

> I just had a 5-page short story published in a local anthology project by women and nonbinary creators (and one trans dude: me), which you can buy a copy of over on my website.

> I'm working on another anthology project, the pages for which are due in October, so that will have me quite busy for a while.

> As of this Wednesday, I'll be three(!) shots into my hormone therapy, and almost 3 months on T. Puberty 2.0 is in full swing, and life is better than ever... except for the acne. I could do with less of that.

Ta for now!
You can't take these colours away from me. You'll have to pry them from my cold, arthritic hands.

In other news, it's that guy!

<sup>his design hasn't changed drastically in the eighteen months it's been since page 4 what are you talking about</sup>
Back in business! Greyscale made this go a lot faster, so let's see how I do with consistency. I decided to go Sin City style, with occasional accent colours for thematically significant things.
Enjoy this casual introduction of 3 supporting characters.

<sup>Let's play "Guess which character the artist has a crush on." I'll give you a hint, it's the one who looks like he's posing for the cover of Bara Weekly.</sup>
What year is it
Hugging. Ding! ♪

The new place is awesome, my job is easy-street now that I'm used to it, and we just got the fridge and washing machine installed today.
All that's left is to finish unpacking, and in the meantime, I'm going to try and get pages done faster.

In comics-related news, pretty soon I'll be sharing the Kickstarter for an anthology that I did some pages for. I also have another paid gig that I need to finish by the end of the year - it's only 8 pages so it'll be easy to manage in between working on Smiler and finishing issue 1 of Baby Bird.

Catch you all on the flip-flop.
Fatalis is Latin for DEADLY

So, my new job is going pretty well -- except for the part where I'm not even three weeks in and I've had to take time off on account of contracting a gross, contagious illness.

Point is, we have more disposable income than ever, and even though it's still very turbulent because moving house is a huge money sink, we're feeling much less stressed about our finances.

I'm doing my best to work on the comic whenever I can without stressing myself out too hard, but with everything going on around it, I expect the update schedule to be bumpy for a little longer.
TL;DR: I'm now a free-range artist and no longer have to work at a desk; moving, moving, moving; Patreon can suck a fart; I might have an actual grown-up job.

1) I did this whole page on the iPad Pro.
I'm deeply smitten with Clip Studio Paint and when I found out that I could have the full version on my beloved iPad, I immediately went and downloaded it.

2) My mum is selling her house, so for the past few months I've been going over a few times a week to help with packing and cleaning.

3) I don't know if you've been appraised of the new FUBAR that Patreon has pulled, but I'll be looking for a new crowdfunding service. Might just set up a monthly donation button with Paypal, or Ko Fi or something.

4) Hubby and I have taken some steps to improve our living situation and are now waiting for various applications to be processed. If things go the way we hope, we'll have a new, more comfortable place (more moving... yay.) and I'll have a permanent part-time corporate office job, in air-conditioning, in the middle of the city. I'M SO EXCITED. This job would be so perfect, oh my god I hope I get it.
Panel 3 Bailey
GOTDANG! That mlem!
Know it, seen it, made it. Yesss.♥
Bailey needs to come back at those two with some sass.
He sassed Gannet once before, even managed to whip out some cuss words.
Come on, B. Say something about your superior dick.
@b3nc0: I think it's more just a Gannet thing. "I'm wearing a garter belt and pumps; this night's getting messy one way or another."
El finito
I... think it's done? What day is it?

Pan is a sassy sue
Bailey, ma gaw. Your horns are showing.
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AGARAWARGAGHA time to move on to the five hundred thousand other things I have to finish before end of semester.

Edit: Aww jfc I just realised I forgot the paragraph lines on the paper. I'll have to go back for that later.
Oops I'm an hour late I lose 10%
OKAY now that's out of the way I have to get back to my assignment see you in two weeks
Gannet keeping Bailey's glasses on his head is a cute little detail ♥
[Caffienation Intensifies]
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It's cool, I'm cool, I can handle this.

[Injecting hot espresso directly into my veins]
If you wanna fill a panel with bookshelves, you're gonna have a bad time.
Me: Hey, Me.
Me: Yeah, Me?
Me: Remember that talk we had about elaborate scenery?
Me: Yeah, but it's important to establish the setting of what are you doing with that hatchet WAIT STOP I'M SORRY--
@Epic Chibi: Don't worry, it gets explained ;)