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I wonder if I should return... Not that anyone really pays attention to this.
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I have a hard time seeing his arm.

Still not back to SJ.
Who the FUCK is deleting all my shit?

I swear to God..

My birthday is on 31st btw

Who deleted my precious comic ;_;
A comic page posted one year and two days after the other?

December 31st, 2010
Happy newyear.
Everything has creases.
Writing on an iPad fuckyes
I know who it is.

But Mist with his clothes is just sad.
In Soviet Russia, Mist can't meme for shit.

Sorry Blitz, but I just dominated your 500.
Someone apparently deleted my comment.
This comic is still online?

...I'm not the only one who doesn't use Squidpower.. Right?.. RIGHT?!..
Mouth and eye styles differ from sprites, its completely custom.

In a bad sense, this is horrifying