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I know what you mean...
I hate to admit it, but I've been behind on reading because of my own crazy schedule. Ah, such is a life in the arts, eh?

But this is a really cute page. Keshi is so adorable.
I've been waiting for this page!~
Oh man, I love IWPML Guy and Happy Place Guy...
Oh, they were standing outside?
I totally thought it was inside. This is better, though. Shouting matches in the street are the best.
I agree with xtrinox.
This remake *is* awesome, what?

Go, Keshi, go! Ascend the palace's ladder entrance! When you reach the top THE SUN HAS A FACE!!

Please, please, *please* tell me IWCML guy is still coming soon. I may cry if he isn't...well, probably not. But I would be quite put out indeed.
His head is not symmetrical?
Is it cuz he's facing at an angle??

And clearly Zev needs to look at the map. It's already been established that Rone is on it. Or is there some sort of Cartographer Conspiracy and now maps are not trustworthy??

BTW, I like the expression of map-holder man in panel 3. It's very much full of ennui. :D
Zev has like, *ears*, y'know? Bright orange *ears*.

And since I am quickly turning into Queen of the Random Detail...I love the stamps. I want cool red ink-stamps, too.
Oh, I'm so excited. Too bad we can't zoom in on this page and look at all the bits of awesomeness....

I still don't know where I'm gonna read this: here or on DIAB? What would you suggest/prefer?

And is it just me or does the palace look like the Best Playground Ever? How does the government run if they have such a fun building? I would totally be running around all day.

GAH! Long comment.
I kinda forgot what everyone looked like without the forest shading...
オメデトウ ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!

Congrats on the new page. (XD I've discovered Japanese emoticons. Please bear with me here.)

When you told me about the new page I was all O(≧∇≦)O !!!!

I ♥ Keshi...he so funny!!
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

Anyway....good luck on the *next* page. I'm rooting for you!! p(*^-^*)q

But we won't like the next page, eh? Why does it have KeshiL? Hahahaha

If I don't like it I'll just have to hit you with my Michi☆BEAM.
( ・∀・)[=========ビーム!!
The letters B and L do not appear next to eachother anywhere in this comment. XD
So I decided that I'll read FC over here.

So...after my comments on the last page (hahahahahahahahahahah).....

The second to last panel is awesome, I <3 Zev's expression.

Don't worry about your lil compy. I'm sure you'll figure out how to work it out in no time.
LOL. This only gets *funnier* the more I read it.
Oh geez....
Hey! For once I'm posting on SJ! All the action's over here anyway...

>.< I'm gonna miss you!!!! Seriously. You better still talk to me~

But anyway, blame RFC and my fujoshi mind but that last panel is sooo BL. Fanfics just _waiting_ to come out of that one.

And you have no one to blame but yourself.
New Page! Yayz!
New page. lol "He's already that famous for selling fruit?!" Haha. No Sachi, that's not what he's famous for...

Perhaps you need to take a cue from manga and use the tried and true technique of "enhancing" Sachi's "feminine assets".

No, please don't do that, I want to read FC, not Love Hina.

BTW, I found some old login info of mine. Remember Setropets? Brings you back...
Run Sachi Run
I know how Sachi feels in panel 6. I get that feeling sometimes.
I &#9829; Keshi's face in the "GAH!" panel. I'm still laughing. XD
Who cares why he can pick locks?!?! New page!!! Still in colour!! I &#9829; new pages!
Not meant to make sense....
*whistling wind* woooooo~~

*Keshi, totally in prison*: I didn't do it, Officer! Honest! I just want to sell fruit!

*Jim, totally OOC*: Fruit, eh? That slang for somethin', boy?

*Keshi, totally all "OMG!"*: No! It's just fruit! Like apples and pears and-and-and bananas and those!

*Reice, totally...whatev*: What's a banana?

*Jim, totally again*: Hah! Bananas! He's selling bananas! Those gotta be illegal!

*Keshi, totally thinking*: They don't know what a banana is!?!!?? O.O

LOL. I have fun. For what it's worth the ridiculously long time it took to color paid off: the bg for pa.4 is way cool.
It's colorful!
Poor Keshi. Not only can he not sell any fruit, but he can't leave either. *Hugs* He's so obedient. Like a collie. *Lassie theme music plays* Well, OK, he's not a dog.

And Peace Guy in the "Huzzah" panel is too cute. :)
SACHI!!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!

I've finally caught up and can now enjoy confusingly fruity goodness!
It's Sokka, Katara, Toph, and that one earthbender guy from Book 1!!!!! Oh ja, good page as well.