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cute page! *w*~<3<3<3<3<3
XD hahahahahhaa
I can't deny it anymore, I love Diamond! XD.
Congrats, every "page" is amazing and i love each one. Some of them made me laugh more than the rest XD but each one makes me laugh a lot. Go Diamond Go!
yaaaaaaaaaaay new pageeee!!! nwn she is soooo kewttttt<3
hahahaha i love her reaction! ;3 can't wait for the next page
owo yay! another page

1. Yes! I love it at least for now, nwn and i think i'll love it for a loooong time
2. Yup owo i can read it!
3. i think it's fine
4. XD oh god! i like your sense of humor, really.
5. i wish i knew the old version too.

I like everything and think that this is one of the best online mangas i could found here. Just as a simple comment, i wish i could see this work made with more tones instead grayscale.... i love the look now, but i bet that with tones it would look better (<- don't mind me, i love tones). And, your panels are great, and the baloons too, but sometimes text looks better on the center... (like the "Mapett?" phrase, i think it's more to the top than in the center..... i don't mind those kind of things, but once, a friend that used to translate scans, told me that when i've made a translation test.... nwnU so.... I'm saying it just as a way to make it look better, not as if I didn't liked it anyway)
waaaah! a new page! :3 I love the last panel! =3= and the chibi style hehe.
owo i can't wait for the next page!
X3 I've just found this today and I'm lucky! there's an update *dancing around the place*
owo i like the last panel ;3 good job!