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give me a break!!! i have no hobbies!!!
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dude looks pretty psyched about fire

is that sarcasm, General Crane ??? Sounds a lot like sass to me
Shen is pretty much an aristocrat at heart, trapped with the duties of a scribe
@arswiss: Nope!!!! The tapestry is the thing, but its not A:tLA tho i just looked it up and they've got kinda similar shapes!

man, Crane is rad. i try not to play favorites but whoops. hes been my icon for like twelve years. He's one stone cold dude but hiding a heart of ... also stone? anyways, i'm sad this scene with him in it is gonna be so short. wehh
Because I updated a tad late last update, I'm updating a tad early this time around!

Hmmmm, something in this page looks familiar?? Whoever catches it will receive a highly coveted message informing them that they are really really smart, from yours truly
Even more awesome expressions and gestures! I love the transition from Simon reading the paper and then dropping them in his lap. and dang, STUFF IS GETTING REAL
I agree, Simon's expression is so good!
Whoa, here comes a page!! A day late but still cool. Lifes been conspiring against me, but I"m so stoked to get this party started.
A new chapter means I get to draw new characters! Halleljuah, praise the lord. Here we have Marsa, Ferron, Crane, Brom, and Shen. All of them show up in the first scene of the next chapter, which is just thrilling. I am so stoked. One more day of intermission for me to get my shit together, then the new chapter starts next Monday.
Woop Woop!!!! Chapter three will begin a week from today. Excited to see this other world??? WELL I AM
Dang, sorry for the late update! I went on a little vacation which normally would have been fine, but then I got sick!!! >:0!!! Gross. But, this Friday I should be updating twice, which ought to bring us up to speed with the schedule. They will be the last two pages of this chapter! Compared to chapter one, this certainly felt short. See you Friday!!!
Fallon's eternal chalk piece. It never runs out!
Talking to people? That's a lot to ask a mega shy introvert. Jeez louise
This here is a late page from Monday. I am now pretty well moved into my new apartment! The only thing I am now waiting on is the new modem to arrive so that i can install the internet. Currently updating from a cafe!

Tomorrow we're gonna update as normal with page 18, but if you're impatient and want to see it you can find it already up on See y'all tomorrow. :)
They have a similar game in Asalyth, but it's got a different name.

---Monday's comic may be late, since I am moving this weekend. See you then, however!
@jonasfx: Franz knows a good epic when he hears the beginning of one!!!!!
Truancy aint no joke!

HAHA those eyes contrasted with the monochrome are INTENSE.

Excited to see more of Jared!
EARTH: Exotic sightseeing!
way 2 be optimistic

ALSO I've begun mirroring on inkblazers dot com:

It'd be great to see any of you guys there if you are members of that site!