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I like to read shoujo ai Comics, and Some shonen ai ones as well. I am working on my own webcomic when I have time, and I love anime and drawing as well.
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September 11th, 2012
@James Birdsong: So much has happened since I stopped drawing this. I moved, started college, and not I'm thinking about starting it back up. But there are major changes needed to be made. I kinda skipped a large part on this page but it's ok, my art has improved as well as my story telling skills.
I wonder who her room mate is? :O
August 22nd, 2009
The Gues comment
yea sorry i had forgot to login before i posted ;x my bad.
I will be uploading a colored version soon, but I don't have much free time, so it may be a few days.
I didn't do so well on this page. Not used to doing carrying poses very much, Plus yuko just doesn't look right. Well page 2 is out. Enjoy
heres page 1. Hope you guys enjoy. ^_^
Chapter One
So here is the chapter title page. Didn't take me too long to finish this either ^.^ I will try to have the 1st official comic page up in a couple days. <3 Take care.
The beginning
Hey guys, I know my other comic isn't going very well, but It's cause i didn't have someone to help with backgrounds. (sucks at backgrounds) But I finally got one, and this comic already has 3 penciled pages, so all i have to do is scan, line, color, and post. :) This one is going MUCH faster. ^.^ So enjoy this fan-comic okie? :3
It's a fun thing to leave it to the readers to imagine what goes on. ^^ I always thought maybe he made her eat candy till she got a stomach ache +.+
o__o Tokyo.. In Tulsa? So I am guessing you've been to my hometown then ^.^ sweeet.
Random Drawing
Eh not comic related. Just figured I'd keep you guys happy with a little art trade I did with a friend on DA :)
Sorry u.u
I will try my best to get a REAL update x3
February 23rd, 2009
:3 Aww a really sweet scene, yes? I think both of them are pretty :D
This was actually drawn a few months ago. I decided to change sites, because I disliked the old one i was using. I hope this one proves to work better for me. But the problem I am having now, is that i totally suck at templates, So I am gonna try and sucker one of my friends into doing it for me +_+ huahaha! Ahem... Anyway, All of the future chapter covers will be colored. YAY :D Also, You will notice her hair length changed on the first page. This is because I decided on a different length after making this page. :x
The colors are a bit off. Sashiku's Color is a bit of a lighter pink. Blame it on ms paint, The text system in Pixia is a bit too much to mess with, So I do all the texting in MS paint. :3 And yes that's a doodle of Sashiku gone Furry. :)
Oh me oh my!
This is the first page, I know it isn't your average (textured) look but, I am working with what little resources i have, So It will be just plain like this except for special pages which will be colored. Hope you can get used to it :x
January 9th, 2009
I really like this webcomic. :) Can't wait to see what you post next ^_^