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I Like To Read Online Comics because i cant afford real manga =]
i Like to draw and im good at it but i have a problem with commitment, so i dont think i could draw a full-fledged comic.
I Have high school and
sports practice. -___-
I have choir practice
And play rehearsal =D
Im lazy.
My Math Notebook has my best work doodled in the margins =]
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Awww poor Dragon Thing! I hope Atticus and DT win this one. Then maybe Atticus will be nice to his charmander and he will develope this new love for the Pokemon world and he will train super hard to make sure he keeps on winning!

....or he will lose again and go home. :P haha
Oh that is sooo cute.
my favorite part is the drawing.
Oh wow! this page is really pretty!
Atticus is cute when he sleeps!
And I see we're about to meet a new character =]
bring on the next page!
I like how he's holding a map, it reminds me of the 'Town Map' you get in every pokemon game!
Attcus's hair looks super luscious =]
I think the expressions are funny too!
I can't wait for the comic to continue!

hahaha it think this is the only comic I take the time to comment anymore XD
oh gosh i love how you ended it!
haha Way to stick to Traditions!
I am really excited to see what happens next.
Atticus let loose on the world...


(And Atticus Is Still my Favorite!)
haha! i hope that statue didnt fall ON atticus.
Im glad you're happy to draw it, because i just love reading it so much!
And i love Atticus very much. Best character ever =]
That..... was most definatley unexpected.
I mean, the denial of his defeat was expected
....but... Hmmmmmm.
After that I kind of expect him to become a carnie....

But I still love him!
Funny stuff you got here lady!
I love his utterly deceived expression on atticus's face in the second pannel!
Actually.... I think I just love atticus.
A lot.
And if I had a genie to grant me a wish, I'd wish to live in your comic.
Or atleast for a large life-size cardboard cut-out of atticus to set up next to my bed.
Just kidding!
But not really.

I'm glad you had fun drawing it, because I had fun reading it!
I feel like your biggest fan =]
.....or like a creepy stalker.
Same difference.
I like this page.
In the 4th and 5th panels, it's almost as if atticus has a soul. =]
and then the last panel brings in forshadowing of evil!
I won't guess, I'd like to be surprised!

And if I showed my dad a picture of bulbasaur, he would just stare at me confused until I backed out of the room =]
I love it when you update =]
I've been reading this since you first put up your old website and I loved the original.
And I remember when you said you were gonna redraw your comic and put it here.....
Haha so basically I've been reading this since you FIRST started and never commented you until now.... That's so funny!
Well, I think your so very talented and your comic is very interesting. I love it!
I don't mind that there's such long spaces between the times you update.
It makes me appreciate it more when it comes around! <3
Haha now I'm rambling. (this is what happens when you wait so long to contact someone!)
ANYWAY! you impress me! =]
The end. haha.
I love this game and I love this comic.
I used to draw comics about harvest moon, but I'm to lazy to great a full-fledged comic!
I love the first two panels =]
you impress me <3
Haha I love how atticus is wearing his old fashined granny- sweater, but he has a cigarette in his mouth!
That's strikes me as really funny!
But this looks wonderful, and don't worry, I got it. I'd cry too if my big brother was leaving off to start his pokemon adventure.... And I didn't get to go too...
you impress me <3
March 18th, 2009
I enjoy it very much.
I got all excited when I saw that you updated!
Atty's sweater still makes me giggle =]
poor Charmander. So abused :/
i really enjoy this commic.
haha i was playing the game right now and was like "oh, i wonder if she updated!"
and you did =]
I looked forward to this very much.
And now that it's here I have nothing to look forward to...
Other than the NEXT PAGE!
Haha I'm gonna try to make some real friends between now and the next page =D

I think it's rad that your ignoring that random fight on your comments. If be annoyed -__-
I'm gonna have to have a talk with your teachers about all this schoolwork they've been giving you!
How dare they deprive me of you and mokepon!
I'm very eager for the next page! =]

And katdog is making me rather upset. If your gonna comment H0ly's wonderful comic, make sure your comment is ABOUT H0ly or the comic!

Anyways. WONDERFUL job H0ly.
Im very happy about this page.
Haha but your your own toughest critic
Because I think this is great.
... I didn't notice the hand inking. =D
I think atticus is so rad. (excuse my outdated slang)
Ha! You don't have to leave the house for anything these days, espescially to find love!!
Haha =]