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Always even when both of my legs are broken
aw man this is too fast can we slow it down yearly? My mind can't keep up with the plot.
It's the only way.
This is very Hetero
Pretend to understand him and dismiss him at every turn while having that one asshole who does understand what he's saying but goes along with the other asshole, just for laughs.
Next Arc Update in July when
Hang in there
I won't ask what happen to the right hand
Should've drop dashed
Dank meme broshi
Sonic Forces the plot
No Sonic Forces Mini games where our Avatars do horrible things to each other for laughs
I didn't sign up for a feel trip.

I'm going to have to talk with your staff.
god I wish that were me
The lack of sleep is making music play in the background
It makes too much sense if you look at the link he's clearly a cardboard cutout at that party
Ending Fish

Did you collect all the wizards?