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For those in need.
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Wrapped it in black
He's gonna pull the warm water in a cup while he's asleep on him
Please Mr. Squirrel is my father's name
Does he sleep fast or sleep in
Burp Default dances on this tragedy
Whistling because he broke it
Don't forget to visit the ghost in the back he claims to be your relative
With darkness and silence through the night
Hope he doesn't peak early and has prep time to get the most of his power
The Snack that smiles back

Pac Man
Some say he's UUURRRPP!!ing to this day
You could always use gameshark instead
Cocky has no eyes he has to rely on one thing.

Rooster Instinct.
End my life as you would have
Rest in Peace Larry The Fruit Bat
The Narrator isn't used to back to back EDGE
Then he accidentally landed on a rock and exploded into a time ending paste.

Then P.S.P. bounces off that dead guy.
RIP Edge and Edgy

<_< >_> too soon?