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I'm a beautiful butterfly
Don't fall apart on me now
So that lenny face though
Action packed in the sky

Where you can fly twice as high

It's not in a book

That's some explosionations in the chest painus
This time it really is serious.

Someone put me back in that tree
If it's like my sister's nights

we need to call the police right now
So is reading a book like drowning for her?
:click to continue:

Instructions unclear

Dick stuck in toaster
I just shot them like a madman until I died
What a Name

Also SP should be a head forever
<img src="">
Oi let's not lose our heads though!
War has changed
Time to slap his shit in anyway
Look at that homely couple.

And Dewi has a older sister too :U

By comic jokes if switch the syllables of Dewi I get wiDe... oh that's too much of a thicc joke for a family friendly spectacular comic