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Serious Times lack of updates doubles as a void
I remember the time my ex tried to kill me.

it was because she didn't like my hat
Aw shit here we go again
It's okay it's just your average everyday MURDEROUS Anime with cute girls and one guy
If only Dewi had set up his Patreon before the ToS updated yesterday.
Sword-fighting is still relevant in 2019
It's okay it's just a washing board
Sometimes I wish Smackjeeves let us reply with shitpost images other than just plain links.

Pichu vs Ganondorf.jpeg
Just in case there's reader's that are colorblind, you see the goons are white.
If only if she had walked in at the second panel
I hate the feeling when you feel like you're falling to your doom and you jump out of bed at 2 AM
The Head Sorcerer is just a head in a jar.

calling it


Wrapped it in black
He's gonna pull the warm water in a cup while he's asleep on him
Please Mr. Squirrel is my father's name
Does he sleep fast or sleep in
Burp Default dances on this tragedy
Whistling because he broke it
Don't forget to visit the ghost in the back he claims to be your relative