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ME, Meeh, and Yaoi. That's all I want and need.
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January 19th, 2018
super cute moment
*Take your shit back,
Vengeance is mine.*
I love your comic but you need to finish
Wow i want more asap
does this have two meaning 'the red string' and ' bound by destiny'? I wonder......
I enjoy reading because you are not an 'arrogant artist'. you take comments in full stride and obsorb by wathing other artists as well.

in the next few pages connections will be made. but the question is will me make a simple connection and elaberate later(recommended) or will he know right away in his heart of hearts but not want to jump the gun. ONLY TIME CAN TELL.....and Unknown3rd/RR
just found this story and now i reach the end??? GIVE ME MORE!!
Reunited and it feels so goood!
lead him there so that he would find the boy??
now i get it he can only do so much interferance before he is in big trouble. So Raghnall needs to do it for him self. And kudos on the feathers. very well drawn from frame to frame.
trying to avoid them crossing paths?? but why have them in plain sight of one another?More, more.
ooohhhh. now i get it. made more noise trying to get him
lol i love both characters. I can't wait to see how the other characters came into play...with his sexually tension focused. i hope he doesn't confuss tension with something more............ WAITING!!!!
December 9th, 2010
he obviously has the hots for him. he choose to get his face painted by him with no hesitation. ou have peek my interests. you have to continue this story.PLEASE!!!
I love it. let me see some feather coverage on the next one.
here it is releasal of the pinned up sexual tension, and melt into his arms like putty. thats how it always is. then you totally forget the reason you were mad { TEMPORARILY } and yin and yang are set back in a harmonious dance of love { or he just wanted you to shut the hell up.}
temper tantrums always brings the blood to a boil so when the kiss happens theres the release and the body melts.....its real hot that make up sex.
Wow. That gave me a stiff one and I'm a girl. the shading the background and the......'make your blood boil' expressions. I am so geekin right now.

YAY!True fandom...I love it, give me more.Next step 500! ok.... now I need to sit. too.... much....excite...ment*faints*