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I'm 20, I live in Australia and I love Yaoi... That's about as interesting as I get.
I work fulltime in an office environment, and try really hard to keep up with all my friends.
I'm also a fan of Fanfiction, FictionPress and webcomics.... but I can do none of those things myself. So I spend most of my time online checking those things out.
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I like the almost innocent look Val has going... Lol. More action YAY!
Love your work.
Lol, i'm half disapointed that we didn't get more Jacob and Val. But....
That's funny.
And the little dolls are so cute.
So excited. This is actually the couple i've been waiting for... hope it works out!
Are we going to at least get a smexing scene between these two?

P.s. I think I just came in my pants!!!! :DDDDD
Have you ever watched 'Sister Act' I just totaly had a flashback to that movie with Sister Mary Catherine. Lol.
Getting exciting now. That grin is yummy, he's so going to get him!
*wiggle**wiggle* Excited!!!!!!!!!
Awesome! Update!!!!!
This guy is fucking funny. And I like Ann... what's a friend to do when a guy has a 'meat gun up their bum'? :D
I am liking this guy... yay for updates! 'No sense of humour' hehe :D