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I like the Sonic adventures a lot. I love Shadow like hell. Ricko,Shrazer,Dark,Zeel1,Manic,and Manuel are my buds plus more.
And to pronounce my name. You pronounce it with a "J" in replace of the "Zh". So it's "Jao" not "zao" or "zayo" but Zhao.

Jesus......I can't believe I still go on here...
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January 18th, 2014
Well it looked like a heating coil or something on the previous page but I'm not exactly sure what the box is. At first I thought it was a toaster kind of looks like a battery? But where'd the coil go?
December 8th, 2013
Looks like they're trying to find out about what kind of research he was doing? But he's not talking and bribery apparently didn't work either.
Oh shiz, I guess it wasn't Regina 2 but just one of the many pokemon that were smuggled.
Is that Regina 2? XD I'm still snickering at the fact that you named another ratatta Regina 2. Ah well. It's pretty great. XD
Ohhhhh burn she must be rich because she's not pretty HAHAHAHAHA! XD
Really though. I would absolutely hate such an assignment.
Yeah, I'd say she's probably given up on this comic. Ah well.
I wonder what he's going to tell her mother...
Wow. I didn't even know this thing was still updating.
Possible descendant? She kind of looks like the lady in the painting.
But that adds to his pwnsome evilness.
All I know is that it's presumably in Latin.
Freaking tree.....that's 2 feet taller than me.
In the Kingdom Hearts strategy guide, his sword almost goes off the page.
Hmmmm......>_> remind me a lot of someone. And you're the same age too. The plot thickens.
All right! Taking a stand!'re Kay right?
Well....I don't really see how Sephiroth is a cliche.
Says the guy who spelled 'immature" wrong.
Ha! What do you know? Comic updates! I remember I used to spend so much time here. XD