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I'm a girl who is Hyper/Insane/crazy/punk/wierd and funny^^ I love to draw and animte and hope to achieve of becoming a manga artist or an animator. I am in the process of learning how to draw humans and even better.
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more more this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL can't wait for more this is just too funnyXD
please update more=3 love this!
can't wait for more^^
damn i thought he was seriously going to beat him.
you got meXD i was like omg0.0
LOL i live in kentuckyXD

I'm a yaoi fangirl but not an idiot oneXD but this my friend is funny.
I don't think this is my best work=(
Pervert? Nah...YEAH^///^
ay no1 makes yaoi animals and stuff tht i know of yet^^ and yes im a pervert when it comes to yaoi! y didnt i draw plp (to lazy)...yes lets start this off when some sex!
YES FINALLY! *major noosebleed* when ir comes to yaoi i is a pervert=3
MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!=3 eager to kno whts next!
January 13th, 2009
"I have mothers approval" XD I couldn't stop laughing.