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Err. I'm Arielle. I like to draw. And read. And anime, make figurines, sew... I guess I like a lot of things. :D

I generally like people (and by generally, I mean 'pretty much everybody unless you're a complete asshat on purpose'), and like when people leave me thoughtful comments. Or completely random comments. ;D
My all time favorite things are: Gundam Wing, FMP, Vassalord, Maurice by EM Forster, Skellig by David Almond, pickled daikon radish, and BBQ pork bao.
I read a lot of Jump manga and BL. >_>;; But not together. (Not a fan of slash, sorry! ^^;)

Currently I'm drawing SADCAB, which is fun because it's very 'at your leisure' and easy to draw/write (go no backgrounds!!). I'm also working on having enough buffer for Pope Dad: a completely retarded comic that essentially makes no sense. It's sort of another 'at your leisure' comic because I don't put much effort into making the art look nice. XD It comes out rather goofy.
BUT! I'm working on that too. :3

Why don't they have Windows Live Messenger? That's what I use. I'm KittyCHOMP there too. Message me; I'm cool with it. :D
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Oh, Atty has an adorable face.
This is so, so sad.
More sad than when I battled the Elite Four with a level 11 voltorb in my party. (It was an accident.)
Whatever happened to rock lobsters...?
Ooh! Color! I thought it was watercolor. P:

I forgot that those were ledges. They were always just like gates to me. .....Annoying, stupid gates. Also those bushes that you had to use cut on. And rock smash. GAAAAH. (I think the only HM I actually liked was Fly.)
Let a poor man pretend greatness, man.
Ah, I love Siddens.
He's not half as mean as he pretends to be. But I'm afraid to tell him so. Because then he might actually be mean.
I choose to believe that this man's ponytail is a sentient life form on its own.
His hair isn't nearly greasy enough.
"If you'd like, I can always...GLUE IT BACK TOGETHER FOR YOU." It might be interesting to see him try. (I don't really understand why that was the first thing I thought of. Does that makes sense...?)

I like this man. This man and his ponytail.
I still just wanna see DISTRICT 9.
This makes me needlessly happy.

I actually got most of my culinary class talking about Pokemon the other day... Most of us agreed that Charizard is indeed the shit, but one fool thought the latest generation was actually cool.
We should dump him in the deep fryer...

And, as always, your artwork astounds me. So beautiful. <3
Thank you.
Were people really saying Nostradamus...? I mean, that was 2000....And that came and passes....Well, I hesitate to say well enough, but it DID pass.
I'm just really excited about the Avengers movie. That doesn't come out until 2012.

But...only four fingers.......... I'm tired.
I do that with seagulls sometimes.
You know, when they're not stealing the food out of people's mouths.

...I hate birds.
Math isn't for humans. Math is for robots.
Also, somebody told me the other day that they really liked Ms.Smart.
@Britt: Probably at one point they did. :l

@Krii: Inorite? And obviously, those boys are gay. Overcompensating, lulz. 8D
Pregnancy planning?
My dad tries to convince me I'm a lesbian from time to time. You see, I'd gladly be a lesbian, but there arises a single problem: I'm not attracted to girls.

Although there are many lesbians that like BL, from the perspective of a person that doesn't know this fact, WHY would liking it make a girl gay!? IT'S ALL GUYS.

Pretty much all of my friends' parents have thought I was gay at one point or another, and I'm not exaggerating.
Why do I seem gay!?

By the way "Gay Boys in Bondage" is from Monty Python. It's by Shakespeare. Heh.