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A quirky energetic but shy teenager who's pissed off with her story ideas.
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comment virginity! and because of gang rape ;DDD
September 3rd, 2009
Sexy Beast
I really think out of no where voltorb should become the sexiest thing on the planet (sexier than he already is)!! and misty can have him, lawl.
Almost died. I love you, dear sir. XD
I almost shit myself.
Thanks. C:
When me and my friends are lying down in the grass in giant piles, me foot five because we're so lazy! :) Also, You should do something special for the 100th comic! Like make it colored! :D
This reminds me (both art and storyline) of the book we were there. hmm.
akama and sensei go well together <3
LOLOLOL! I was trying not to scare my parents while reading this XD
Your tones are so beautiful <3
Lawl. I almost thought he'd answer. XD hrm.
I love thechanges in his ears. beautiful doll XD