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Whenever the horse shows up my mind is filled with images of being swallowed by it's chest-mouth :O
IIIII'm not so sure I'd want to be her friend.... she's scary >o<
Safe...Except for maybe IF NINJAS ATTACK!!! >O<
Don't lie to yourself, James... we all know you're going
it takes a cute bandaid for him to realize his feelings~
*cheers* next chapter!
Oh god that just doesn't know when to stop! Next thing it'll be changing colors and sneezing fluffy clouds O.o
Sorry, Steiny... but your subconscious is right and will ultimately take over!!!
"but it might eat me through its chest-mouth!"
Oh god...that horse O.o;

Ahh! pretty picture of Grissy!! *sets as desktop background*
That horse is badass. I'd be afraid to ride it because it might knock me off and trample me while saying "YOU'RE NOT WORTHY TO RIDE ME!!" O.o....yeah
Fletcherrr *smile*

Onward to 2000+ fans MARCH!! ^^
@Rhi_Destiny_Fighter: yes! Fletcher! I agree! why didn't I think of that? o.o;;
Because Stein has no other friends. And also yaoi/backstage/whatever~

Congrats on 1000!! I...have no ideas for a picture however -.-
OMG JAMES??? Tooootally didn't see that comin! it's like a hard slap in the face......... or something lol
Panel 5 = the best panel everrr. Nathaniel's face is sooo cute and Grissy's is.... well yeah XD
HAYHAYHAY!!! u got to 1000!!
so sweet *pukes*

haha jk it's cute. In a creepy "I molest children" way LOL~
not the mean sword! :O

Bonamana! :D