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I am a crazy yaoi fangirl hence the name, I love reading fanfics, drawing, and writing stories. I love RPG video games, anime(especially sports ones <3 ), and manga. Um I play soccer and tennis. Right now I absolutely love hetalia, Japan is my fav...hmmmm what else is there. I think that's it, OH! Just as a warning, I also have an occurency to go spastic! Nice to meet you! XD
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Follow follow XD Fits seems like he would piss a lot of people off XD
ha ha I know what you mean, I won't be a trie one DX
THREESOME!! <3 Or I would pick Micchie he is so sweet!
Lol so true XD I love being in his class for that reason and Siddens makes me laugh a lot :3
hee hee omg I totally remember when we did this XD it was so great!
Ms. Smart is nice just not a good teacher. Ugh, I think I am going to die this year too DX
My parents don't think you are gay, I think they think I am though... lol That doesn't make sense but it's very funny XD
HA HA HA It better be one time...

Wow dani I didn't know you were such an exhibitionist(sp?) Or were like that XD
OMG Fatty Toes is so adorable XD But I agree if you keep doing that not only will she get fat she will expect you to keep letting her eat steaks :D Were they really that good?
More than likely XD <3
I know I am sorry I can't D: Ari finally got pictures of it though so I will hopefully post soon
We all are so cute XD It's so adorable!! Yeah Saturdays are free : ) You are posting so much lately.
lol OMG great I look so evil though XD Since when do I wear a lavender/blue skirt? : ) Anyway this is great, funny and also slightly scary :3 Can't wait to see everyone's reactions :D
which is starting soon
Yeah you delfect other people's depression, but it's contagious when you get it D: Sorry I can't really help much when you are sad
good thing it's ari doing it then : ) You are really late on the comments
You have I think it was while you were doing this comic or a bit before's fine though, soccer does give me a lot of bruises(only on the legs though) SO I guess I can understand
Oh OH! Same here ari same here XD I get the green and yellow card a lot