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Hey, everyone! I'm Sora, and I like to read, draw, and takes photos! My favorite novels are Les Miserables and The Little Prince (and the Vintner's luck!), I also like various anime and manga. I absolutely adore the country of France, I have been there twice and it is truly a lovely place! I hope to travel more some day!

Also also, David Tennant is EXTREMELY Foxy! I'm going to miss him as the 10th Doctor!

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I love you <3

This is way too cute


I bet Ari's shouting: "DANI! STOP BREAKING THE 4TH WALL!!"

It does look like you're staring STRAIGHT INTO MY SOUL
I know exactly how you feel

This is one of those stories too odd to be made up.

Plus it totally just sounds like Micah
I'm so disappointed! D:>

nah, I'm only kidding!

it was narcissistic of me though to assume tho, I'm sorry
I always dream in gray-scale... it's actually kinda sad D:

this is a real dream btw, I ain't lyin!

(Totally used a ref for the first panel of Kurogane)

by the way, in the first panel, we're in a grocery store looking at shelves

and since Ari clearly didn't get it, we were choosing between two different products
DOTH MINE YES DECEIVETH ME? I am there! Totally, yes. |D (who else is that swirly?)

Hehehe, for some reason, I'm assuming that the lady is the princes' instructor!

The name Ophelia strikes me as..... studious...

very funny page! Excited to see more!
Side effects of watching Princess TuTu:
- Wanting to be a ballerina
- Failing at being a ballerina
- Making your legs misshapen
April 23rd, 2009
I hate nosebleeds.

but I LOVE sushi 8D
this makes me smile! 8D
I said "oh" and "Sorry" and "ok" all automatically |D

it is hard!
Have you ever noticed that whenever you're in a rut, everyone around you gets depressed as well?

I'm not depressed at the moment, but this is just an observation I've made.
totally wild ~ <3

It really does looks good on you! You did your dye job properly, unlike many other people I've come across~
Yeah, "I'll wait for you" by Joe Nichols has to be one of the saddest songs ever. Seriously.

It doesn't do much to help if you're in a sad mood either |D

Kanga's such a brat when I take a shower, or PRENDRE UNE DOUCHE YEA (sorry, I had to put it)

oh yeah, I get Thursdays

EDIT: your hair's a lie