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Dragonthing! Would be amazing if she was a Charizard now
Awww, he wants Dragonthing there
Any chance of this one continuing?
I was kinda hoping it would be Ash as a throwback to the anime episode where he got Charmander.
Yay Hobo!!!!
Is that Petunia coming to the rescue?
Don't forget the Oddish trailing Atty. I feel as though this battle will be it's debut...
He's actually starting to get a pretty well rounded team. Electric, water, fire, and grass
Betting it's an empty pokeball
I can't wait to see what her magic is like!
I hope Rat knows how to use Flash...
Totally saw that come. Also, a smoke randomly appearing in Atty's mouth
OMG he had arms!!!
Well they do say that farfetch'd tastes good when cooked with leek. I believe there was a whole episode with team rocket trying to catch one.
Isn't there one of the versions where you can pick which bike you get and one of them can go up cliffs? Can't quite remeber what the trick bikes were.
OMG cuddling DT
There is a child dressed like a square...
Not familiar with it here in Canada.