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Hey everyone my name is Jorge Jimenez I'm basically your average teen. I'm of Mexican parents, however born here, and yes I speak-a the ingles very good. I love playing all types of videogames, preferably Nintendo Systems, but still love other systems. I also play sports every now and then for fun. Love hanging out with friends too. I've been spriting since 2004, and I really enjoy making comics. I like to listen to rap and rock, and well if you have anything else to ask then go ahead cuz' I love meeting new people and making new friends. So if you wanna talk or something just hit me up.
Fun Fact: My online best friend, is Vulcan9000.
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    Jorge Jimenez
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This is a nice lil' interesting comic. I wanna see where it goes. +Fav'd
This one isn't showing up for me. :P
haha. Wow, it was good while it lasted.
What about it?
Don't you mean acid?
Cuz weed doesn't trip you out that badly... xD
Almost all of these comics made me laugh. You really should have more fans!! :O
Ima add this to my favorites, I kinda like your sick, dark sense of humor. =]
Haha. Great comic bro.
For a silent comic, it has great potential. Hope to see more.

Love it!!
This comic is great!! :D
It sounds like you're just listing petty flaws in the comic's presentation that would pass for unnoticed. Instead of listing those few things, you should explain the first few things you found wrong with it, and go from there...
Dude, I LOVE Kool-Aid!!
It whuz just a joke bro. lmao
It's annoying how in every new Mario RPG game coming out there's always a redundant "7 Secret Stars Of Limitless Buried Under The Mushroom Kingdom" I mean how many stars ARE there buried in the Mushroom Kingdom?
I think that's why he hardly makes Metroid, and Starfox strips. Since he doesn't wanna make a mistake or something...
Amy'z story soundz like a blast.

I started thinking wrong by da 3rd panel. xD
I've only played....Megaman 2, and Megaman X...
We kinda get da point already, you're an awesome drawer, you don't have to keep prolonging it. I can't tell if this is a filler or just you showing of your mad skills. But if it's not filler than please continue back to da fight cuz' this just seems like a long and pointless ramble dat makes no sense. Sorry if I sound like a dick right now...
Note to self: Fix da double grammatical errors.
Ay' screw you!! This comic iz da shit!!
Iz dat a good thing or a bad thing..?
I assume you're all out of comebacks so now you're just resorting to trolling...