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Okay so I am the UDMOE or OTOMEN but that doesn't matter oh well I don't know what to write here, I love drawing and music, whenever I draw I listen to stuff like
Cocteau Twins
The Violent Femmes
All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors
The Meeting Place
Rouge Wave
Death Cab For Cutie
Los Campesinos
The Decemberists
stuff like that.
But oh well what ever I post or when every I post comics will be random sporadic times of wheneverness unless Deadlines say other wise.
I tend to work on a ton of things at once, which is why I have a ton of comics without pages or at least proper pages anyway.
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I thought the style change was odd, did you actually draw in everything thats blacked Out?
ya fight scenes can be annoying, A good way to practise is to redraw fight scenes from your favorite manga in your own style to get a feel for them.
does anyone know what the "BF" on the bottom right corner of the banner stands for?
Yay! an update. an interesting devolpment arises.
this sounds pretty fun
this comic isn't Dead yet! hopefully
Hawk has started working on a page so hopefully we can continue with the comic soon.
May 15th, 2009
agrees with Zefster.
very well done
I stopped myself from making a stupid joke, I like his hair
I've done the same thing
thought so (the marker thing)
like how you did the shading. and the plants.
your style is almost shojo-ish not the designs but the placement and angles.
this was pretty intresting, wish it went on a bit longer.
Don't be nervous this is smackjeeves. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork. (wish I could color that well)
dumb joke
I heard one today
you know how they said pigs would fly when america gets a black president... ya its pretty bad but it made me giggle.
panel 7 is great, your doing a good job at showing personality through pose and actions. and I'd be happy to help with coloring but since you probably want it done on computer, I don't know if my offers any good.
we missed the day persona 3 starts on.