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My name is Ayiela!

I'm a college student studying psychology at the University of Colorado - Denver
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thanks fo comic guizeeee
Page 13~
14 coming soon; Drum has given in.... or HAS he??
I think things are going AMAZING so far! I love the way you shade your characters; it really gives them depth. you manipulate panels well too, and you use a large variety of angles which i love~! hope to see more soon!
Sorry 'bout inconsistent page size, ahahaha (*w\)))

I think i may start writing the dialogue out rather than typing it. That's what i do before scanning, then I erase it and retype it. So, I'll do that for the next page! :3
SOOOOOOOOOO finally page 11. another half assed one. SORRYY!!! i really really will try harder.

the thing is i really wanna get to the good stuff, so i've become lazy. I wont let it conquer me!!! next page up soon~
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Its been forever since I've updated, sorry sorry!!!

and whats more, the page is half assed OTZ well, i promise to do better on the next one!!!!
。・゚゚・(>д<;)&#65381;&#65439 ;&#65439;&#65381;&#65377; &#65419;&#65384;&#65391;
Sorry I haven't Updated in so long ;A; I'm gonna wait till I'm done with my finals to do so (which is like May 13) Please be patient and keep reading!
Sorry it took forevrrrr. I'll try to make up for it D: Comment pls
This story was delightful. So well presented, so stylized and well organized; you did everything perfectly. kudos :)
I'm a Developmental Psychology major :)

and really?? thats awesome! i live downtown! are you in college?
You'll know what the hell they're fighting about soon, LOL

I made a horrible mistake when i did this page, but i fixed it, so you cannot tell. can you guess what i did wrong? i bet you can't.
Your Art is WONDERFUL. I'm looking forward to this; although its still early in the story, I can tell that its very well put together. keep it up!
Finally.... OTZ

today, It snowed a lot. for this reason I've done nothing but sit at home and draw. thank goodness.
Yay, new page! do you like it?

I'm pleased with this page... I've been trying really hard to have good grammar; I'm a good english speaker, but it isn't my first language so sometimes I make small mistakes;;; still, I hope you enjoy ;3;)))
Its VERY unlike me to post so much so quickly. its because i love you.
February 28th, 2009
Mimi, i really hope you don't judge people's character based on their looks.

as for comic, god everyone is so mean! i feel bad for Diji D:
February 28th, 2009
Ugh, why does everyone think that aleks asshole is such a hot catch? OTL

I personally think he should get his name changed to Cunt, permanently.

great comic by the way!
thank you for your comment~ C: