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I look exactly like my avatar. Spooky I know.
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@Soen Kai
Yep, when I post "I want to send you money" comments I mean it. Good point on all of those. Though I'd totally be up to your suggestion of buying the German versions with a translation.
Now I need to wait until April.
I want to give you money. "Why you no read my comment on page 85" is what I want to say but... grammar.
Hehe. I love reading "I read all of this in one day" comments. Always makes me smile. :3

... Though I've been here since before it was in colour. *hipster cat*
DAH! I remember stalking you on ygallery! I remember the fact you left it at the explosion in the apartment! Guessing you haven't been able to publish K-A-E 1 and 2 in English yet? *sniffles*
It's great to see some of your art though... and know that everybody survived the explosion... and see it in English.
Is there no even a way I could... send you some money through Paypal and you send me digital English copies of K-A-E or is that asking too much? Haha.

It's really nice seeing that you're still making comics. Pity I can't remember what your ygallery username was.

Anyway, keep up the really good work. Hopefully there'll be no cliffhangers. None! Swear by god, you evil-yet-amazing person, you!
*turns up the dramatic music LadyofPearls started*
Come on more plot! YEAS! Update! Update! Update! Yahoo!
Hmmm... I would commission but for the lack of money. Well... better put as a lack of stable money. Not to mention Christmas coming up. :/ Could be a present... for myself. :P
I'll see about in Janurary. Best of luck. You're a really good artist so totally will pay for something... eventually...
*looks at moths living in the wallet where money used to be*
Or if people click Ctrl + Alt + down arrow your screen goes upside down. ^-^

Best. Party. Ever.

*loves on comic and dies*

We're at $100! Page on Saturday! Page on Saturday!
I've donated my bit. <.< You should at least send me the page a day earlier than the rest of these cheap people. :P

*sigh* I've been a fan of this comic back since... :/ YEARS... that long? Wow. Always said I was going to donate some money when I had a credit card and some cash. *waves card around* There! I FINALLY did it! :D Hooray! Everybody's happy! The artist is fed! *dances*
*awkward laugh* Hehe... first time donating/paying an online artist... I feel good... *sigh* *sleeps*
I never used to ship these two but now I have to!
Could some fanartists get on this quickly pleeeease? :P
You're all so perfect together. Why would you want to lose her? :P

Loving the new fanfiction section.
O_O *suspense* *waits*
I didn't donate because I can't (D:) but I'm so so glad you've got enough money! You totally deserve it.
[insert usual 'THIS COMIC ROCKS' comments] *can't add anything that hasn't been said*
I'm glad to see this comic is still going strongly. I've been away for a while and it's nice to have some pages to come back to.
I hope the previous page gets explained soonish (not the relationship thing) because random kissing makes me uncomfortable. >.<

'Speak of the devil' is the phrase you want there. XP

Had to catch up on the last few pages but I'm loving it! So funny.
Has her star tattoo moved or are my eyes playing tricks again?

I couldn't possibly pick a favourite. They are all so awesome in their own unique ways.
I love her more and more with everything she says.
Looks like the danjo dealer to me, you just don't know her very well... even though you invented her.