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I am an anime/manga addict~ I love japan and one day i shall go there with my god-bro. joshua*^-^*

I am currently working on a storyline for a manga, but have yet to finish it-or even- start the pages!~
***have started and am posting...slowly...

*^-^* i'm lazy and i play online games WAYYY too much!~ so if u play any and wanna add me- feel free to ask me if i play it and whats my online name!~ (yes i'm hyper right now!~)

Oh, and i made an RP site, join it if you'd please?
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    Shannon (i go by Brooke [my middle])
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wahhhhh, jack no look too happy.
i think we all hate them when thier like that.

Oh, and SCORE! i got some dudes number~

normally i care not, but he likes anime and manga and video games (no one around here seems to) and he came from a cyber school and is really smart!

i ramble...
hahaha, its the sugar...or that i just dyed my almost-black hair red like gaara from naruto.


oh i im at 2nd day of school...O_O

omg ima miss my bus!!!!

'rule 3, no eating cigs around me' ?


my dad did that once i smacked it outa him !

and i 10!?
lmao! am i listening to?! *changes music* much better!
id say the whole 'cheer up emo kid' here, but actually icant. Because im overjoyed of his disappointment and sadness!

(wow, i sound ...evil.... :D SHHHH! you never knew that! >_>||)

skull. shakespear<3

ily so much right now.

i like skulls and shakespear!
offically +faved just now!
i do the same thing, walk to class/locker/ everwhere, reading what i need to have for next class whil;e scribbling my homework to be due next class :)
i dont notice the people talking to me, or the random ppl i run over. they only thing that get my attention is the feeling of angery stares!
if they my riends i glare, if they my enemies i smile like im high and skip past them.

(ever seen a tomboy goth skip smiling? it puts them into fear i tell you =D ((specially kiyle, lol, he rides my bus/ think im possessed >:D)
oh, im glad no-one tries that with our lockers.

our lockers are...*check book*

about the width of the short side of a piece of paper...

How in the word do they expect me to put my junk in there and shove nerds in their lockers?


and lunches have 4-5 teaches on guard so i cant txt ppl T^T

i miss jr high.
and college.

that must make u confused... hehehe *^-^*;;;

i took some college classes while in jr high :)
got 2 done! yay!

lots to go... -.-||
is'sit friday yet?~


and missed 2 classes and my bus :D
party to all the 1st day passers~!

((i just had alot of sugar...))

i gotta wait til 8th pd for my only good class-art.

good thing, first day at the school and my art teach loves me. :)
and all she saw was an eagle eye T^T;;;

well, at least she supports drawing of anime.manga, my last teach told me it's worthless junk and im throwing my life away.

and she told me i drew my imaginative picture can guess who that ended 9teachy- no-likey shannon-no mores! lmao! ---serves that old, partially bald women right!!!!!))

i ramble :)
day 1 of new school is like a lifeless he||

my school starts 25th. *sarcastic* yay~.

lol, hand-ina-bucket.

....i think i got an idea for this years halloween prank...

i want to be dragged thru a random bucket, too!
yay updates!

....uh....cant think of anything else to say....

....humn....tacoes?.... im hungry.
dude- i was taking a drink and it went in my windpipe! T^T


ill take the pokemon, so it wont gotta go to waste :3

id have said "pshhh! throw out my game too while ur at it- i aint commin back if thats what i gotta do."

Then jumpped thru window to get my games and left :)
i dont hate clover! i think that just made him even better.

I think i got a complex for hating the good ppl and liking the bad ppl...


must run in the family *shrugs*
lol. Id just open her door while were movin. She'd fly right out.
same as katie
i luv his shirt.

the first time i typed the above sentece i typed shi t instead.

I need to take my time typing...
beat em to a bloody pulp!

....i shouldnt be encourageing violence..

ah- who am i kidding!? VIOLENCE RULES!~~~


...ima go eat more smores now- bah-bai's~~