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i like watching your drawings mwahaha
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Question Duck belongs to the House of Awesome (it's a legit house!)
Wilbert is a CUTIE (:
ohh I guess this has to be somewhat of a nostalgic moment for him...
oh noes! run away? die fighting?
cute, now try telling that to Elliot, he'll just explode with hapiness (:
also, this is the first time I have been awake when you update, I deserve hugs from the cast!
dear gawd he isn' t dumb! :o
don't worry, I understand the awesomeness of Arc Rise Fantasia... at first L'arc and Alf are so slashable!
I love the way they hold hands <3
I think the middle panel is the "Kiss the Girl" scene, even if you didn't do it on purpose
I died at the sight ofthe girly romance book c:
Oh my! Nilus! She looks even cuter in magic human disguise<3
...and I think that after that money talk, Simon might be reconsidering the marriage idea xD
whuut? such a moodswing, just like "BAM!"
that cutie is such a psycho
Draco is a fatty on the inside :)
Oh my! The lightbulb has a sad face on it! :(
Someone please tell me I'm not crazy
poor Nori, at least he tried, but when someone says no, it (usually) means no, there's no need to beg
everyone in favor of Nilus keeping the octupus please raise your hand
*raises hand*
well, that is enough for me :)
Wait 'til Cain hears about Tommy sexing Eila! It will be a blast :)
Hirn had super sexyily broad shoulders, even at fifteen :D *drools*
Best date ever! Now I want a cute date too!
Yeah, free water, which is supposed to be free anyway xD
cute, he's excited to see more shark people, altough I am slightly worried and want him to return to the bedroom D: