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PHOOEY. My likes change too often to drop it here.
I gotta ask - what's with the shades?
FFFFFFFFFFFF How did I not notice this?! He's so cute!
Christ, they're cute. Need to figger out a way for Rion and Kimejo to communicate with both of them safely. Earplugs for Fuse maybe?

Come to think of it, I should probably make a page involving Kim looking for recruits for the Library Army. Aiya and her telekinesis might do... even if she can't control her powers very well. <3
Don't feel bad, everyone screws up. That's what author notes are for! ♥

Name: Kimejo. Nobody's sure what his last name is, exactly. Or if he has one.

Species: Human.

Gender: Male.

Likes: Books of unimaginable power, murdering innocent wildlife, fire, fire, fire, fire. (Why they let a pyromaniac take this position is beyond any of the students, but at least he makes sure none of his spells hurt any of the books.)

Dislikes: Wolves, bludgeoning weapons, (Bad memories plus a preference for blades.) those who turn in books late, (they get lightly singed) and boredom.

Bio: Kimejo is actually a rather famous adventurer, who the principal eventually convinced to settle down into a faculty position. This is due in no small part to the fact that Kim is one of the few individuals of the faculty capable of intimidating the books enough to prevent them from destroying the school. Therefore, Kim considers the Library "his kingdom" and has even amassed a small army of assistant librarians, of which Rion is one, to help defend it.

Not completely sane, Kimejo has a tendency to overreact when people do anything that may harm his "kingdom", which extends to his student librarians, so watch out!

Special Abilities: A skilled pyromancer, he's engulfed the kingdoms of many dimensions in flames with the help of his varied companions. However, when you get to know him outside of his murderous sprees he's not all that bad a person. He's made sure not to allow his magic to harm the books whenever he casts spells, and in fact has very little talent outside of basic spells in the other schools of magic, preferring to make up for it in brutal firepower. And make up for it he does, during the many attacks on the library from various organizations in pursuit of expensive tomes in the back room...

Looks creepy, doesn't he? Yeah, I thought so. But I meant it that way.

We're really all collectively slacking, aren't we?

I say we all join a chat room sometime soon so we can hammer out the plot together, that way we can get something done!

Also: Now, that's adorable. Great headshot! I'm gonna upload my own of Kimejo, who I was gonna have make a cameo as a character here.
Licca-chan! <3 So you are here! Now if only Sadix would post. XDDD But I have a long weekend coming up... pages, here I come. >:3
To quote Elliot from Scrubs, "FRICK!"
Damn finals. Soon we shall be unleashed from our collective scholastic bondage and bring Dokkaebi back, ten times more glorious than before, and smelling rather like fresh lemon.
April 16th, 2009
Sorry, fans! (All two of them!)

I guess we were all occupied with Spring Break and didn't give you any comics, but Dokkaebi will be back soon! Sit tight! ♥


HEE! Animaniacs reference in the title. Andandand. She sounds awesome. DUDE I NEED TO MAKE A STAFF MEMBER. I'm thinking a witch janitor.
Aww, Franki... XD
XD I meant the mouth to mouth. And you think you're twiggy? I'm positively gaunt. A-and... what's I have a skype at Seranis 109, but... The reason I'm not looking it up, by the way, is it's midnight, I'm sleepy, and typing on my phone.
NOOOO!!! DON'T DIE! I guess I have to perform mouth to mouth resucitation! Not that I mind, given how good-looking you are, but OHNOES.
I kept thinking: "MORE GIRLS TO ADD TO MY EXTRAVAGANT RAPIST ARMY!!!" But yeah, it's adorable. :3
I can imagine her looking into a male student's pants. Like, just yanking back the waistband and peeking in. >.> Oh, how pervy I am.
Awww, Rion will play with you, Honda! He can send some butterflies for you to chase!
Nah, she should teach Sex Ed, Licca!