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November 5th, 2013
@Kira: lol That's hilarious. XD
Also, Kira is my sister's name, so I was all, "What's my sister doing on a yaoi comic? As far as I know, she does NOT like yaoi." Then, I remembered we graduated, and neither of us are in college yet.
November 1st, 2013
I thought her boobs looked a little bigger than they normally do. ...Or maybe I just haven't seen Karol's chest in a while.
October 27th, 2013
@Akemibara: If it is, indeed, not that guy, I am going to be extremely disappointed in my guessing abilities.
October 27th, 2013
It's the guy from Chapter 37, Page 14, I think. If it's not, at least it was a good guess. C:
November 2nd, 2012
That must be some pretty damn amazing car. TuT
Haha. XD Shuno's triumphant face is hilarious.

@angelperez: Thank you~ I'm glad you like it! ;D

1. Put this stuff called contact paper on the surface, pulled tight with no air bubbles. Two people are needed to do this, one to pull it tight and one to press it down inch by inch.

2. Transfer your design onto it with carbon paper; it's dark blue on one side and a lighter blue on the opposite side. Put the dark side face down. You should tape your drawing on one side to the surface of the glass, so it doesn't move.

3. Take an X-Acto knife, and cut out your design.

4. Carefully clean the glass. You can't rub hard or use too much cleaner, or the contact paper will come up in some areas.

5. Apply etching acid in big globs, so no glass whatsoever is showing. Wait for 15 minutes, and remove it.

6. Remove the contact paper, and clean the glass. The etching cannot be rubbed away.

That's step by step how it's done. XD
@angelperez: I'll just leave this here.
Whoa. I love his fang in panel five. o0o
Oh, hun. You're not a bad leader. We're all at fault for how this collab turned out, and authors dropped out because of real life and such. It's fine. -patpat- <3

I think another DCD would work. Saves us the trouble of deleting anything and everything, though I could do it anyway 'cause I'm such an OC spaz. But yeah, it'd take a long time.

Also, I like Kiss Of Ashes' dramatic plot lines. They interest me. :D
I know what you mean, but I've been refraining from doing anything 'cause Ito's our leader, and I dunno how to work codes.....for the life of me. o-o Like, I don't understand.
@Trassa: asdfjkl; Aw, thank you! >///< So are you~
@Tristripe: I second that! Here here and there there and everywhere. XD
Aw, I'm glad you agree with me. That means a lot from the person who gives the awesome, well thought out comments. ;u;

@angelperez: Whoo! I'm smart. \ouo/
The Theory About Purple Eyes
When Volume Two began, angelperez had a giant pitcher filled with liquid that was red and blue with purple in the middle where it blended. I think that it represents Kaito and Shuno's relationship mixing together, and it will be completely purple when they are in sync.

Kaito or Shuno's eyes start to take on a purple hue when one feels emotionally close to the other; this probably represents the pitcher's liquid.

So, in theory--and I'm not entirely sure about this--purple eyes mean that Kaito has complete understanding, faith, and love for Shuno.
@Anon: Trust me, being in love with real people isn't healthy for you most of the time. XD
We don't judge here.
April 10th, 2012
Haha, Angel's comment really cracked me up. XD
Awwww, it's so pretty~ :DDD
Okay. Just one big thank you comment for all the comments. THANK YOU~ XD
Oh yeah. An extras page sounds like the perfect solution. That's a good idea. ouo
I'd totally take the time to organize our shtuff 'cause I'm OC about that, but I wouldn't know how to make an extras page.
Okay, so do you propose we delete anything that's not a page or profile or celebrating something like the amount of pages? Anything random? 'cause I don't mind deleting my stuff like that. And of course deleting stuff from authors who are no longer here. C: