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LOL I do the same thing xD
i can relate

wow you updated! glad your back :)
THUD! he looks like that kid from pokemon diamond and pearl.
October 2nd, 2010
i dont get it :(
September 27th, 2010
i want that shirt!
September 16th, 2010
i have a shirt like that :O
it inpossable to be first!!! what do they say about sore losers?
you should get a deviantart and do comissions :D your comic is cute btw
its like think before you talk, because if you say somethin stupid, to bad you cant take it back.
your art so so differnt! its a good differnt
not all of em' *glares at picture of dad*
cute, but all of your comic paiges are outa order it goes 116, 109, then 110.
oh god thats some amazingly creepy stuff ya got there...

in a good way :)
i think your paiges got messed up or something cus i press the next butten and i see the paige enter the temple. (paige 109 after paige 115) still a great comic.
a zombie on roller skates? lol that should be on a tee shirt.
i dont get it, can someone plz explain?
she looks so cool, love the art style.
that last panal reminds me of an episode of ed edd n' eddy, where edd gets mad and double D makes me some sort of pancake that was shaped like a smily face to make him feel better.