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I'm a Graphic Design student, in my last year at college. I dabbled in a webcomic in the past that didn't do so well, but it was mainly due to poor choice of host and lack of advertising. I was also trying to move too fast. XD

I'm starting that same comic'll be the 3rd time. ._.;; I've mainly been trying to find a free webcomic host for it...and now I have. -sigh of relief-
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Unfinished, sorry!
I caught something--so far it seems like a nasty cold--at Animazement. So I've been really sick the past 2 1/2 days. I had most of Monday's page done already, so I was able to finish it. But I wasn't quite able to finish today's comic, sorry.

I'll keep posting in color, but today's page is just flat color. If I feel up to it, I'll try to finish in in addition to getting Friday's update ready. If not, I'm sorry. I'm doin' the best I can! Hope you're all enjoying the comic anyway!
Color version up!
Ok, the color version of this page is up. I'm working on Wednesday's page, as well as the toning of the last canon update that I only posted line art of. Hopefully both will be done by Wednesday. :3


Oh, and if anyone wonders why the line art on this page is so shaky, it's because I did the inking in Photoshop this time. Just an experiment...I have very shaky pencil, it doesn't show up. But the tablet is sensitive to even minor vibrations. I don't know if I'll keep doing the inking this way or not...
Uh, yeah....
So if you're liking this comic, you probably have a sense of humor. Which is good. Because I kinda flubbed things up a little.

I was about 2/3 of the way done with a page...not this page....nope. The next one. Har.
I realized that then, and double checked, and yep...wrong page. 9__9

This page? Not even inked. I'm not even sure I actually printed my first scan...-__-
So....this is the first scan. Normally, I'd print it, ink it and re-scan it, clean it up and shade/color it.
But I hate to leave you all hanging again, you've been so patient!
So I put this page up as a preview. I'll replace it with the color version on Monday.

If you're going to Animazement, and you see me there (see news post for details on how to recognize me), tell me how much you like The Alien Cat and I will do a sketch RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT for you for free! <3
He probably wasn't that "cute" as a human though! ;P I might do some concept sketches of Connor when he was human as vote incentives for TWC later down the line. :3
There's others XD
Strange as it is, this isn't the only one...even on SJ. If you search for "cockroach", you'll find 4 webcomics, including this one. X3
Never-never land? o.O
The shape of the island is very similar to Never-never Land from Peter Pan.
Sorry, no...
No, this isn't a "draw an egg" contest, it's a "decorate an egg" contest. It wouldn't be fair if someone digitally rendered an egg, as they could just clip part of the comic on to an oval, which doesn't require anything but a minimal knowledge of blending modes in Photoshop. =/

Besides, what would be the fun in that? The point is to bring The Alien Cat in to your real life a bit. ^^;;
EMAIL or PM (on SJ) photo(s) of your decorated Easter Egg by April 17th. Include your NAME and SHIPPING ADDRESS, so your pastel drawing can be mailed to you if you win.
The winner will be announced on the 21st. The pastel drawing will be mailed that same day. When it arrives will depend on where it's shipping to, so I can't really estimate.

I look forward to seeing your Easter eggs!!
This was the first wallpaper I did. I posed the smallest size of this, but I have 6 other sizes, so please PM/email ( me if your monitor is not set at 800x600....and I kinda hope it's not, because most things don't fit on that resolution. XD

This was a voting incentive a little over a month ago. See whatcha miss by not voting? ;O
Just kidding! XD

Happy April Fools, guys~!

I had planned to redo her foaming-at-the-mouth, but I didn't have time if I wanted it updated on time. XD So check back later because I still plan to fix it. ;P

[edit] I fixed it! XD
*eye twitch*
Through a minor glitch, the comic posted a day early....which you noticed....before I or Edge could catch it. XD Um, I guess enjoy??
New look?
Agent 711 has undergone a slight re-design. Compared to the old art...what do you think? New look an improvement??
Today is today is today is TOMORROW!
If you look REALLY REALLY HARD at this picture, you'll notice SOMETHING! So look hard! REALLY HARD! Squint! SQUINT MOARRRR!
Big pic. D:>
1024x768, standard resolution. It's a wallpaper, and you're welcome to grab it if you like it.

There was another wallpaper as a voting incentive like, a month ago....No one emailed me for different resolutions, so I'm pretty much assuming no one saved it. -shrug- It will be publicly available at a later date.

This one isn't currently available at any other resolutions, but if anyone wants a different resolution, let me know and I'll make it. Please don't use an improperly sized wallpaper. D:> Distorting the image would be bad. :(
Helpful advice?
I find the captions at the top extremely distracting. It severely interrupts the flow, if you read it caption>image>caption>image>caption>image, and it feels really awkward to read caption>caption>caption>image>image>image.

I think you would do better to make your captions in to one title, and let the concept of your comic speak for itself. It's very original, and I like it so far, but it's just the stuff on's so choppy!
XD A-13's your favorite character, huh? That's a surprise to me! I guess I'll have to do more ship-related things as extras, then. ;D
Andy- could explore a little more and find some of those answers...The "old" version of the comic takes place before the current one. This comic is jumping slightly in to the middle of the story. Bits of the mystery will be revealed a little at a time. The upcoming chapter will start explaining more. At this point, the reader is a mystified observer. Those questions are what will keep you reading--you'll learn more about her as you read. The first chapter was establishing some important details about the ship. The next one will establish her objectives as she observes and reacts to things in "suburbia".
Special thanks to my dear friend~!
Thanks for the guest page, Beth, it's nice to have something to fill the gaps so readers aren't left hanging. =3

For anyone who might be confused...Agent 666 dreams she is huge, and eats the big bear from pages 3 and 4. ^^
Uh yeah, that's the missing page from the old comic. XD I realized a week ago that page had been left out. o.o;; Sorry, I'll try to find it and put it in the right place.

Her mission will be explained in this comic fairly soon, for those who don't want to read the old one for whatever reason. ^^;;
Copied from the News Post:
(Edited because code doesn't work in comments! XD)

22 today, and today's extra special update is from my dear friend, ALt69:

Thanks hon, it put a smile on my face~! <3