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For me to know, and for you to stay forever oblivious ;P.
@Player Z: Lol, thank you <3~.
I'm glad that you liked it <33~.
@Player Z: Thanks~.
I'm just really bad with guns;;;.
I plan on working that later when I redo it.
(Whenever that happens, you're killing me writer's block.)
@Player Z: Lol yes. I couldn't help myself from doing that cliche. Lel. /bricked.
@Player Z: I already explained it earlier~~ Muahahahahaha.
@Player Z: Lol. I see what you did there~~.
@Player Z: You mean with the whole interrogating everyone, he'd be really fun there, I'm sure.
@Player Z: Suspense. In the name of suspense ;D.
@Player Z: ...
When you open up the wine bottle? I've heard about people breaking their nails on the cork when they try opening it.
The dark color of the wine hiding her nail?
@Player Z: Well that is pretty close to his actual age right now, to tell you the truth.
He's like this because he doesn't trust people really, but that'll be explained later.
@Player Z: Lmao, well, it's more like, he answered her question, so the thought that she's still silently standing there is pissing him off, I guess. Does that make sense?

And lol, you un-buried it.
But I plan on redoing it eventually anyway I guess;;.

Thank you~~.
The beginning is actually a flashback, and it'll be explained later~~.
I will, as soon as I finish the novel version, I am on the last chapter (other than the conclude) but I'm kind of blocked with it;;;.
So hopefully the webcomic version will be up eventually;;;.
I'm so sorry for the long wait;;;.

I have posted a few chapters on some forums before, but most of the forums are dead and probably don't have the posts on them anymore.

I do plan on making the novel readable online, whether on dA or some other source.

Thank you for your interest <33~.
LOL at Hobo.
He's reminding me of everyone that lives where I am.
It's been raining constantly here XD.
Cake Girl is doomed.
Without it being said, first his brother, now his Mom; Wallis is probably passed his breaking point for being pissed.
I totally see Harold breaking free and teaming up with Wallis to kick her ass.
@Bah.: I will, eventually.
This was taken from the novel version (which I am still writing).
I want to finish that first before I continue, in case I change details around in the chapters (and I plan on redrawing the prelude anyway >.>...)

Until then, I apologize for the wait >.>...
Love the toning of this page~~.
For the sky and the sea, did you use pre-set tones, or did you create them yourself?
I think what she shot out was a HoHo, or at least, that's what it looks like.
And if it is, I find it ironic because of their name XD.
Haha, Thomas XD.

I like Argent's long hair~~.
Beautiful cover page, Hiruda~~.
I hope he's only feeling despair because he didn't listen to Andy, who got hurt helping him.
If Andy is dead I'm going to be sad D:.
Yeah, I know, just wishful thinking XD.

Damn that looks painful D:.