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Yo! I'm Blackwolf008 and I'm half Japanese! I LOVE WOLVES and anime! (COSPLAY!!!!)

Pokemon: Rise is currently on Hiatus because my assistant (my bro, Mister Havoc) and I thought we should work on Pokemon: Skyward, the story before Rise. ^^ It's up but I might need a new banner soon lol.
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Holy cow
I can't believe it's been pretty much 5 years since I've started this webcomic and technically 4 years since I put this on hiatus... Wow, so much of nothing =3="

I've recently gotten back into pokemon but unfortunately, I'm not sure if this webcomic will be updated with comics anytime soon. I am thinking about rebooting Pokemon: Skyward, remaking the story and teams.

Anyway, for old times sake I put something up lol ^^" Sorry guys!
Yo! Sooooooo, it's been like 3 years since the last update and I happened to randomly come back to smackjeeves and I was reading through this collab comic again and I seriously missed this group, it was really silly.
This is pretty much just for old times sake XD Have an Aric that's late for another meeting and trying to come up with an excuse (cause that's just how Aric is in this group lol)
Don't know if anyone will see this but enjoy XD
I was bored
And i wanted to post something. I was thinking about maybe reviving this collab (Not 100% sure yet since everyone is busy)
So just posting Mika in my current style. So much improvment LOL
>.< So sorry this is a year late! I got into other stuff until yesterday when me and Lexis talked about Julian and Valeria again XD So here's a new page~ Whoo look that that improvement from a year ago XD
I'm drawing to next page so hand on pplz~!!!!
It sucks sorry, drew this really fast =_=" I will do a better job next time
O_O I have no comment... but now I gotta draw something
Sorry I had the urge to post a filler thing before we became inactive for a year O_o It's a petpeeve of mine

So here's chibi Aric (AGAIN) saying hi ^^ Looking back at previous posts, I have improved! yay! >w<
Japanese American? XD As in half Japanese?
Lol actually she just realized that she was submissive to her own "minion" ^w^
Lol ^^"
Just wanted to post something real quick

Rosh may be a princess but Kuro has a short temper and you do NOT want to see her snap XD
Sorta... Felt like posting this ^^" Did it sorta quickly lol I got better on mai tablet as you can see ^^
Here's Kabuki! XD

Name: Kabuki (Bugi)
Age: same as Sakura
Likes: sleeping, attention from family
Dislikes: Roshi, new people, other dogs, cats

Here's my scardy cat Kabuki! XD She's a real B*tch to roshi though... Bit part of Roshi's ear off D<
It's my dog!
Here's Sakura~!!! >w<
OMG Sakura stole my sports bra ROFl! (I'm dressing my dog characters in my actual clothes rofl XD)

Name: Sakura (Also known as Shmakura)
Age: Younger than Roshi but looks older
Likes: Kuro, working
Dislikes: New people, other dogs, getting no attention

This is one of the sisters, Sakura! >w< SHe's half Blue Heeler and half Jack Russell! She really HATES other dogs (She srsly almost bit this lab at the lake >.<)
Sorry >.< Been too much into star trek right now! I have a lot drawn for Skyward but I haven't scanned most of them yet -A-" I'm sorry!

Sorry this filler sux, I'm sleepy and I made it in like 7 minutes....
Just a quick doodle ^^"

DX Been so long since I drew these 2!
September 21st, 2009
OMG O_O She forgot her phone?!