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I like Manga, Anime, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Music, and lots of other stuff. ^^
I has made fan art for ju. Posted it on my Deviant Art.

Keep rocking, 'cause you do. ;)

(Seriously. LOVE the comic. :))

As you can see, Simon has forgone the magical bubble-breathing device, and Sergio has recovered from his bout of Can't Swim enough to invent underwater ice cream... So... Yeah. XD
Quinton: Ahaha! You fools! This awesome hat was my goal the entire time! >8D
Of course not, Ponyta. Her heart belongs completely to Tony, even if she's not entirely aware of that yet. XD
December 5th, 2009
I remembered...
But I wasn't happy about it.

DON'T GO LIAM!!! :'(
November 30th, 2009
Okay,this is my other guess as to what was going to happen. ^^

Now... What store did Dorian just walk into? Oh, the potential for awkwardness... XD
November 29th, 2009

He's going to see her with the French hottie and think they're on a date or something! :( NO LIAM! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! THEY'RE COUSINS!!!
Happy Thanksgiving! And... Sorry about the lack of update-ey-ness. :( I blame Nano... Partly... But I got to 50,000 on the 15th, so I can't say that it's entirely to blame... A lot of it was me. XD

And This is not the start of regular every other day updates again. Tomorrow we go to our family thanksgiving, which means we'll be away from internet for a few days, and since Nano started I've been more into the writing mood than I have been in the drawing mood, and I haven't had much computer time lately (not even enough to keep up with my usual fave comics)so I might not have time to edit a page right away... Plus, before I can start chapter three I want to get the spiffy new chapter covers up... Which means I have to FINISH the edited Chapter 2 cover and DRAW the chapter 3 cover. :\

But... I can't let a holiday pass without an update! So, here you go. Some of the ToB crew gathered around the table for a thanksgiving meal. ^^ (The basket Jasmine's dad is carrying has the vampires' main course, out of sight for the sake of the humans *coughmeandkeikocough* at the table) As you can see, I roped Gloria into doing Nano with me... Jasmine's Dad prepared - No, actually Jerome did all the cooking. Jazzy's dad is just serving it. XD - the meal... And Keiko, much to my shame, is thankful for the latest Twilight movie, which me and my sister saw last week. I didn't like it. XP I'm thinking about doing an illustration of how it went... *ponders*

Thanks for Forty Fans! ^^ Happy Thanksgiving!

Hmm... Maybe weekly updates...
NaNoWriMo has been won. In fifteen days. >.< My wordcount is currently, at this very moment, on the 15th... 50,003. ^^
So, depending on whether I decide to try for 100k or just kick back and relax the rest of the month... Updates may be resuming soon...ish XD
@ Ecm: Oh, thanks. ^^

No update tonight... 'Cause it's november.

So, no update tonight. The official first 'FAIL' of NaNoWriMo. Due to school, homework, Nano-ing, and my school's musical (not to be confused with high school musical). It was our last practice tonight, tomorrow we perform twice, and then we also perform on Saturday... Needless to say, I'm a tad busy, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get an update on Saturday, either... :( I'm planning on a 'Thanks for 50 fans' pic, though, so when I have time to draw that... I will. And I'll upload it. XD

Thanks for (hopefully) understanding! :\

Lol, I just realized that how I worded something could be confusing. It's the SHOUJO that might only get updated when I feel like it; I have been turning the idea of only weekly updates for ToB, but at this point I'd like to keep with the every other day thing, just because there's a TON of plot I need to get through, and I feel the art is not-good enough to merit making up for it with plentiful updates. XD Maybe after the whole thing is over, I'll consider re-writing ToB, but at the moment... It's gonna be a LONG sucker. XD Especially since I came up with another chapter idea in class yesterday, while doodling. That's like, 16 chapters I have planned? XD

@ Cherri: Aw, thanks. >.< And yeah, I don't think the Frog Prince thing will be entirely in chibi anymore, either. That idea sounds kind of dumb to me now, and I think it can have normal-ey art. XD It'll be a oneshot... I'll either start it after Jess's shoujo gets in full swing and I have time, or after the Jess thing is over entirely. I'm not sure how long the shoujo will be, yet... Significantly shorter than ToB, at any rate. XD

@NekoKira & DecoraAi: Aw, thankks guys. XD
Because I didn't have a real page ready...
Well, actually I do have the first page of chapter two, drawn, but A) Not sure I can/want to start it during Nano. I probably will, just 'cause I can't go a month without any updates, but... Yeah. I'm stalling. Plus, I didn't really want to start another chapter with the icky computer made placeholders... *sigh* CURSE YOU PROCRASTINATISM!!!
The good news is, my word count is 8,305. ^^ on the third day in. >.<

Kay, so. You're probably wondering what this IS... "Jess?! In a SHOUJO?!" Yes. Jess in a shoujo. I really do love her character, and she's fun to draw, and I started doodling back at that retreat I went to, if you recall that, and came up with a bit of a story for her. ^^ I have the first two pages sketched already, and I think they look okay... But I've had those done for a month and still have to edit them. Chances are it will be a comic that I might take more time on than ToB, page-wise (like, I'll try to make it look better. ToB is kind of experimental, I guess. My art and methods keep changing, plus the beginning is so awful I'm not SO worried if the latest pages look awful. XD) so it won't have every-other-day updates, and in fact it will probably just update when I have time and feel like doing a page. Which... Definitely won't be until after November, at the earliest. I haven't even been able to look at any of the latest pages on my faved comics for the last couple days, I've been so busy with Nano, and the musical I'm in at school, and other stuff... So yeah. I guess I'm posting this not just so you don't go without an update so soon into Nano, but also so that - since you've seen the advertisement - you can bug me to actually upload it, since... Well... Remember way back when when I talked about another comic I was drawing a few pages of, and the whole frog-prince re-telling that I wanted to do...? Well... I still want to do the frog prince thing, but the other one kind of died off for the moment, and I don't think Frog Prince is coming any time soon. :(

Yeah... So... Enjoy the thought of Jess in a shoujo. It's made me giggle. XD
@ Moe: Lol, glad you enjoyed it. XD

I just realized that this is the 100th comic... I was contemplating making the 100th update something really cool, but... *examines page anew* This sucks! What happened? :/
A very sloppy, very suckish update. No doubt a prelude to more, even suckier, or even absent altogether updates during november.

NaNo WriMo has begun. My word count is 4,310. ;) It's been a wonderful first day.

Other than the fact that I haven't been able to read any comics on smackjeeves, or draw/update a decent thing. Honestly I whipped this up a few days ago, just really quick, because I'd had the idea for this 'alternate ending' for a while, I knew nano was coming so I might not be able to get in a decent update, and... Well... It has a Twilight reference. I wasn't really willing to spend a whole lot of time on it. XP

So yeah, NaNo's begun, sorry in advance, hopefully you got a chuckle (or at least a groan and shake of the head) out of this. XD Later! *wanders off trying to decide if it's too late to write any more tonight...*
@ Cherri: I know! I used to love that show! But now that I've actually seen some REAL anime, and have started drawing manga and stuff, I realised that it's not as cool as I thought it was a couple years ago when I was into it. They still play it on Boomerang sometimes, though, so occasionally I get to go on a little trip down memory lane. ;) Yeah, the party was fun. It was with my youth group, we went on a hay ride... I didn't actually pay money for the costume, though. XD I wasn't going to go as anything, but then we were doing a carpool thing, and the lady driving us offered to let me and my sis pick through her costume selection to borrow for the night? So yeah, we stopped at her house on the way there and I found pirate stuff, and my sis found witch apparel. XD

I'm a little frustrated right now. The internet wonked out at my house (I'm at the library right now) and I'm worried that I might not get it back before Nano Wrimo to update my word count. :( (10 hours, 15 minutes, people!!!! >.<)
Once again, Happy Halloween! Here's hoping you all rake in the candy. ;)

EDIT: Kay. So. I'm totally going trick-or-treating with my younger brothers, my older sis, and her friend who's visiting us. I'm going as a gypsy. XD Personally I think I look pretty good... maybe better than my sister and her friend (who are going as two of the Volturi. I'm ashamed. Especially because they didn't know what they were until I said that's what they looked like. *facepalm*) Which I think is pretty amazing since I wasn't even planning to go trick or treating until this afternoon, and then put together my costume in like an hour. XD
Dusk: Jasmine, you are officially too old to trick or treat. We are NEVER. GOING. AGAIN. XP

Jasmine: Oh, come on, it's fun! ^^

Dusk: I had to wear TIGHTS. XP

I'm not too happy about it either honestly. It was kind of... awkward to draw... And it was even more awkward trying to find a reference picture of robin actually WEARING tights. It would've been even more awkward to draw him wearing short shorts, or whatever that was... It was tough finding reference pics for all of them, especially the batman characters... CHANGING THE SUBJECT--

Yeah, here's the halloween picture. ^^ Featuring Jasmine as Batgirl, Her dad as Batman, and Dusk as Robin. Keiko's dressed as Tinkerbell, and Gloria is Jane, from Disney's Peter Pan 2, Return to Neverland. (I know this one might be a little lesser known, but I could NOT think of any characters with short brown hair. XP So I kind of schlumped her in with the tinkerbell/peter pan thing. XD) And then Jess and Sarah as Blossom and Buttercup... And Jetta, who doesn't know anybody else in the entire pic, is for whatever reason the third powerpuff girl, Buttercup. XD Funny story about Jetta's hair, here. I was going to have it more like that in the beginning, but then the first scene where she appeared she had it pulled back, and after that it just kind of... turned out less flipped up. ^^

That's me on the bottom part (I dressed as a pirate going to a halloween party the other night) announcing the sad - but joyous - news that NANO WRIMO'S ALMOST HERE! I can't wait to start writing... 50,000 words in 30 days~<3 unfortunately, I'm really not sure if I'll be able to keep the update-every-other-day schedule... We shall see. :\

And... Yeah, I think that's about it. ^^ Happy Halloween! Have fun! ^^
Pft. Wow. This is hilarious. XD
@ Cherri: Not neccesarily. ;) Maybe so, maybe not. I won't reveal who's right until he appears for real, but until then, even if it's the same thing someone else guessed, you guess it, you get art... Maybe. XD Depends on how many people guess it between now and then. Otherwise I might just give art to the first person who guesses it... Like I DON'T need to work on my backgrounds? This and the last page I think are the best, most consistent backgrounds I've ever done. I'm kind of proud of them. XD But I still have some work to do... ;)
October 29th, 2009
Awwwwww... So cute. <333
October 29th, 2009
*sigh* Chloe... You're real smooth. XD Liam! See through her fumbling attempt at deception!!! >.< And- And- WALK HER TO CLASS! :D