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I love video games, my friends Amanda and Molly, my boyfriend Mike, and my two dogs. Oh yeah, I guess my family too! I absolutely love to read, run, and do crazy extreme sports that Mike suckers me into. I like to be silly! I go to community college in St. Louis, MO, USA, which I like except for homework, and I have two jobs.
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    Kathleen S
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the quality is getting better, but i wonder if your characters will ever have hair?
hell yeah, you owe me big man. i made you, and i can un-make you any time i want.

thanks for the comment. i really like your comic, it's pretty silly. hello other dorm guys!
i love 8-bit theater! thanks for the parody, it made me smile
thanks to chl0rinemutant for the lovely edit of my first comic
thanks to krartan for the lovely ballon comic
idk, it's fan art. take it up with the creator.
thanks kenny. that's a big improvement from the text box lecture i got a few days ago, lol. you know though, you really shouldn't call me kitty; someone claimed that a long time ago as their special nickname for me, and you might get in trouble :P
i like your sense of humor, it's silly!
and i got my characters off of a bunch of internet downloads
i like your comic alot, it's sily! yes, my comic does have a plot, but it does start out very sims-ish. like, they get a house and stuff first, THEN they start meeting all these strange "mortals"