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Tall guy likes to draw, likes to play video games, does shenanigans with friends, and is always exploring to do different things.
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poor micah stuck in hell sucks to be him
Great Comic look forward to reading the rest of it
totally open for the halloween mini that would be awesome
awesome blossom and yes i am glad that this was posted because now we have some response I'll take the next post and i promise it wouldn't be to elaborate
GO TEAM AWESOME!!! and then i'll pick up the next page even though i have like 20 million books to read
Just saying we should have a next page reguardless of quality. CAUSE WE BE AWESOME <B|
so next page....?
Then I take after BAM
so who has the next post?
Yeah lily got out the first time not makoto
awesome great page and look forward to the next on
Enjoy the image and i look forward to the next page
One hit and your out no coming back in
Took me 3 weeks and i apologize i tried to do this page during one of my busiest weeks of my summer but it is finally here. I just hope it was worth the wait and it is Makoto throwing the ball and nailing Derek in the Face.

And if its hard to read I will put them side by side for a better viewing
just need one more pic and its good
Sorry for the delay my summer class sucks and work have been getting in the way but I am half way done with my page so hopefully in 4 days I should be done with it and have it posted... I like to make long pages don't know why I just do I'm the creator of this comic so I guess it's okay hahaha:) well thought I would post an update saying I haven't forgotten
wooo fits perfect with my page after this week I will post and what program do you use to make these pages? Im just finding photoshop to be a little tedious
yep I met the Mignogna
yeah he was cool didn't want any pics but he was cool