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I liek yaoi, writing, and philosophy. But I fail at drawing, so I shall never do a webcomic. -nods nods-
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ROFL. That's exactly what I did before I realized I was gay (except there was only around 8...not...100).
This makes me very entertained.
It would be so perfect if his secret was that he was bisexual or something, or had never liked any girls he went out with because he was super in the closet.

I doubt that's it, but it'd great if it was. = 3=
I don't think it's OOC of Shiratori at all. It seems like a different facet of him, but one that I believe is there all the same.

<3 And you've expanded MY horizons when it comes to yaoi comics. The build-up was ai. And with this one page you've made it so sexy that oooooohhh. You're wonderful.
I'd love some more of where that first page came from. ;D
Big Bang Theory! Love that show. :D Works well with your video game themed last panel.
-click click click click click click click-

The next button is broken.

:O Lol is it possible he's on the verge of the epiphany that Shiratori doesn't like people who are 'girly' and stupid because he's actually GAY? :D That would be amazing. xDDD

Or am I being too optimistic? Is he not quite there yet?

Hmm...we shall see...

Update soon!
Lol my guess is that he just studies more. But maybe he'll be caught with something yaoi-related? >D
Oh...haha. Thanks. :)
:) So cute
You should get a +Fav button though. :(
I love you.
Hahaha, this is so relatable.

Is that a coincidence, or are you getting that from where I think you're getting that?