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I'm a student a Waldorf Elemetry, but I love video games and computers. This is/these are my first web comic(s), and I like people to comment and rate it. I like Pokemon and I don't want anyone saying they're stupid and to grow up. Kk, have fun! Bye!
Hi all!
A Magical Poke Journey has been "out of service" for a long time. So now, I'm wondering what to do.

As you can see above, I have an obvious style change within the past couple years. I've also come up with multiple comic ideas (23 so far) since stopping MPJ.

So my question goes to you, the readers.

Ehem.. sorry about that. Anyway, should I:

A)Continue with MPJ as if nothing happened.

B)Re-do MPJ with my new style.

C)Do a new comic, forgetting about MPJ, with my new characters and plot that's actually going somewhere.

D)You guys suggest an alternative x.x

Please respond, because I'm totally confused right now >.<
Looks interesting so far! ^^
TAKE IT OFF!!! ... Oh...
Stttrrrrrriiiiiipppp! XD

I hope you don't do a front piccy of him :X That would be kinda embarassing..................

But yah... Here's what I say happend...

Matthew: Just don't say I didn't warn you... Because I didn't *shlip~*
Helen: Huh..? Wha..? Wha' happend o.o KYAAAA!!!!
Matthew: ... HUH?!?!?!
Helen: *gets nose bleed and passes out* Unngh...
Matthew: . . . Ummmmm....?
Hee hee hee >.< I lovums Raspberry so much!!!

Bunneh-chan: Yah XD Twinkle's a little LIAR o.O

neko-chan: Heehee >.< Raspberry hugs you back, wondering why you hugged her... She heard the dimwitted part, but she's to... 'slow' to know who you're talking about! XD
Omigah!!! Boo and Goomba are adorable!!! This page made me laugh out loud! And not the usual lol like stuff, I really laughed! And hard!!!

Woot! First comment!!! >.<

Continue the funneh and great work, I luvies it!!!
February 22nd, 2007
Heehee! Lol I just read through! XD It's funneh so far! Can't wait to see what happends next!

Uh ohs... Girl section! :P Attracting much attention XD
Zomg >.< Soooo sowee!!! <3 I missed updating! I've been busy with my other comic, the one I'm doing for school! >.<

When I was working on it, I'd find myself doodling Raspberry, Twinkly, Bara, and Zack almost all the time! >.<

I've learned my lesson! Don't stop drawing this XD

I absolutely LOVED drawing chibi Raspberry! That was the best part! <3 <3 <3
February 22nd, 2007
>.< I loves it! I can never draw two people, different ages in the same panel TT-TT They end up both looking like little kids >.<

Happy happy birthday! Sowee it's belated >.< But happy happy birthday, to YOOOUUUU!!!! :3 And your dad too of course :3
Yayayayay! Happy happy birthday! d*.*b (thumbs up starry eyes, in case it looks weird XD)
Heheheh Random comic page I did at school XD

Umm lesee sorry for no pages, I've been busy making an other comic TT-TT

Okay, starting with top left...

Elf! It's a one panel comic that's about Yin and Yang as elves. I did this a while ago, hence the cute figures XD. Narrator: In their world, Yin is like the groundhog. Yang: You better not see your shadow!

The next one isn't a comic at all! I just draw piccys of an angel girl and a demon girl... I do that sometimes XD

Of course you know Elementals! Sorry for lack of updates, but it's hard to color all of them TT-TT Spruce: My holiday!

The next one is the one I'm working on now! It's a comic for school, and I can't say much about it... It reveals EXACTLY where I live, sooooo no... Virgil: I can't see my shadow! *boogie woogie* Sara: 1! You're a ghost! 2, you're blind!!!

3 Elf Dudes! is next! Thanks to Catqueen13 for drawing that for me >.< Herc: SUN OR SNOW, WE ALL HAVE A GOOD TIME! Baldor: Autumnus... I'm scared. Autumnus: Just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.
BTW Herc is in a gopher suit!

And lastly A MAGICAL POKE JOURNEY!!! Huzzah!!! Bara: What happends if a Trapinch sees it's shadow? Zack: No idea...

Random holiday gives me an excuse to do something fun like this XD
Sorry about the wait! I was on vacation! XD

I desided that instead of a picture, I would do a comic! I like this one, because the same thing happend to me in 2005 TT-TT

Sorry about only shading it, I've been busy :3

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! If you haven't voted on an idea for a character, VOTE NOW!!!!
I loves it! Thank you whoever you are, SOOOO MUCH!!! <3
Ooooo~ I luvies the outfits <3

Thanos: Man it's bright out... Anyone know where my tinted glasses?

Wonderful fan art from catqueen13!!!!!!

^^ She sent me this because I got 3000 hits!!! :3 I'm sooooo happy!!!

In case you don't know, catqueen13 (or Neko-chan as I call her XD) is the author of Dragon Prince, and draws 3 Elf Dudes, which I write ^^
Sorry for not updating yesterday!!! XD I had it all scanned in and ready to go! I just... Forgot somehow XD!

I LOVE the 3rd panel, Twinkle that is! I just loved how chibi twinkle turned out!!!! :3

I started a new poll! It's at the bottom of the screen, and YOU SHOULD VOTE ON IT!! This will probably effect the 4th, maybe 3rd, chapter!!!! So vote :3

:P I love it!!! Fat stupid and smelly indeed XD
Is it a difference only found in this comic page??? Or different compared to what??? O.o I DON'T KNOW!!! Of course I'm just horrible at guessing stuff like this.... I'll start shouting out random things...
More shadows? More detail? Slight change in style? Change in eyes????

I don't know TT-TT
OOooooo! I likey!
*dun dun dun!!!* And now, CLASH OF THE TITANS!!! XD
November 26th, 2006
Nice!!! I like it :3 funny so far XD
YAY!!! Glad you're back!!! <3 Have fun re-doing your comic (is re-doing a word? XD)! I hope you like what the final product is! I tried re-doing a comic and I hated the final product XD