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I like baking...a lot...
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That's just to dang cute. X3
Ho dang he got served. XD lol But anyway good for Kea put him in his place XD.
I think the background looks great.
Lie after lie this is getting good >=D
The last panel looks freaken amazing *_*
I have no idea why I want to just hug Zoshi in the last panel. XD

Also I reccomend Zombie Loan, Cynical Orange, or Bride of the Water God
Blah why is this story so addicting it's like crack only cheaper.
Damn I wanted to see his reaction to Kea chewing him out.
Poor Kea can't seem to win.
Good for her
It's nice to see a girl in comics that actually has a backbone and stands up for herself.
Poor girl just can't seem to win XD
This comic is so charming and cute that now I'm addictied to it DX