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i think of my self as a pioneer there aren’t many English web that means mines the best! yes! *high five*
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this is where I am now
You propably dont rememeber me but I was here when this smackjeeves shit was just startin out. I was pullin off front pagein it before you even thought about drawing big anime eyes kid!
now look over the old stuff and tell me if I should bother doing more.
I may of at some point in the past said there would be no more fan boy jokes. I lied.
BYW check out my bands myspace
May 24th, 2007
Its true Im officially and at long last finished with education! Took a while but I got there. The comics WILL be back on schedule now if any of you loyal readers suck with my during that long hiatus am sure your glad to hear that. And BIG plans are in swing for BunnyMan:100
There’s to much uni work on to keep updating as regular as I should and I don’t have the time to map out the masterful gags you readers have come to expect, but don’t worry by this time next moth il be an unemployed graduate with nothing better to do then draw comics all day! so see you next week! Maybe.
And that’s why I hate saint Patrick’s day. Comics on the topic of “glassing” can be found here: and a more suitably English version of this can be found on my myspace and my super secret facebook page.
March 16th, 2007
I hope someone appreciates these comics cause i just spend a good hour that I should of used to do work i need to do to graduate on drawing this. those of you familial with the archive will know how much i hate drawing back grounds so drawing a bus was no fun.
"Scouse fell" is English for person from Liverpool by the way, I was going to ameriKanize it but then i thought...nar.
if you want to learn more about Gangster movies by Guy Ritchey I suggest watching "Snatch". Cause its got more Jason Statham in it, and he’s boss.
March 12th, 2007
Im still working like a slave on my dissertation so I had to go for a easy joke. Emos porn and gorge bush. The comic writers crutch.
but come on one minuet Megatron's a cannon the next hes a hand gun! WTF!!>!>!?
87 strips and still goin whoda thunk. If I survive to 100 am taken you all out on the town to celebrate so all you nice ameriKans book your plane tickets now cause were gona kick it Liverpool style~~
February 18th, 2007
I know what your thinking and yes, I DO have five pages of friends on myspace! dont believe me then add me and see
youd think Id miss having a real life. I dont. I dont...
February 9th, 2007
February 4th, 2007
Iv got a big dissertation to work on and a budding social life to keep afloat so Im gona miss a few updates. Ill try and make it as painless as possible but Im in my last year of university so I kind of need to work hard, or I could fail and repeat the year to get another year of student loans…hummmm
This is spin a joke you probly only get in English but Iv take to insomnia resently, which basicly means Im to tierd to care
I don’t get why Life of Brain offends people it says right in it
"He's not the messiah, he's a VERY naughty boy"
I see how this is one of them real funny or no where near funny ones, some feed back as to why you think it is would be nice. if you think it isnt...
screw you?
happy 07.
if your not added as a friend of the comic then do it already
December 29th, 2006
you thought this was bad, wait till new year
of all the Christmas facts on the page only one of them isn’t true to life. Try and guess which one, you may be surprised.
That’s the Christmas special done with. Now Im goin home to my mothers to spend three days of family time mending and braking bonds. Can you tell Im not a big Christmas fan?
And THAT my friends is how I past year one poetry class.